Silver has gone international

[COLOR=black]I just picked up the January issue of Simply Knitting (English knitting magazine) and to my surprise I saw Silvers blog featured on the Simply Surfing Websites (page 70). Congratulations Silver. [/COLOR]

That’s so cool! Congrats Silver- you deserve it!

:yay: :woot: :balloons: :cheering: :woohoo:


am new to this site but have seen silvers name in several posts, had to go and get my copy of Simply knitting. have now saved to web site. Brilliant, have to try the sock tutorial. also see on the same page a gloving review of Ravelry. so glad I’m on the waiting list

How cool is that!!! Ah she’s so famous now, we can say “I knew her when…” :teehee:

Hey, c’mon! Silver’s gone international a long time ago! I’m in Israel and I used her patterns :rofl:. Go Silver :cheering::cheering::cheering:

:thumbsup: :yay: :balloons: :star: Go, Silver, Go!:muah:

Congratulations Silver, well deserved.

congrats silver!!

:woohoo: Way to go!

[U][COLOR=Black]Congratulations to Silver!![/COLOR][/U]

Outstanding! How freakin cool is that?

Silver Rocks!!!


I :heart: Silver (in a knitting sort of way, ya know ;))! You go, girl!!!


That is really great!

I love the ‘Around Town’ bags that she makes. Mine is just perfect for toting around the scarf that I’m working on, and a lot of people (women of course) comment on it.