SIL's canceled flight - she's home

My new SIL (Oh wow - I’ve never typed that before. That’s pretty cool. :)) was on her way home today from a three month visit with my brother and her flight got canceled because of “mechanical difficulties”. She’s been traveling for 20 hours so she’s tired and really just wants to come home. Isn’t there some kind of code that you can give the people at the airport and they will have to find you another flight (or a place to stay for the night)? My mom has heard of it and I know I’ve heard about it. Can any of you help me out? :pray:

I had to look up where you live and discovered you live in Canada. Is your SIL there as well? I don’t know of anything, but maybe someone in Canada can help.

I live in Canada? I must have moved. :think: (I actually live in North Carolina. Still. :roll:)

I just found out she found a flight, but it lands in Charlotte. She’s in DC right now. Her parents are driving down to pick her up. I just hope she didn’t have to pay for it.

Are you thinking of Rule 240? This outlines the airlines responsibilities when flights are delayed or canceled for various reasons.

The rules for each airline are different, but you can google Rule 240 and the name of whatever airline she is flying, to see what her rights are.

Here’s an overview of Rule 240.

Good luck to your SIL, and anybody else who has to put up with air travel nowadays.

:roflhard: Well, your location just says a name and that came up in Canada!!!

Sorry about that!

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Well apparently it’s also a city in Quebec. Maybe it’s where Dr. Who is from. :roflhard: I had never heard of Dr. Who till I came to KH. :shifty:

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