Silly slippers!

I am knitting some slippers. seems an easy pattern:

K 35, k2 tog, p2, k2tbl, k 35
P 34, p2 tog tbl, p2 tog, P 34 (then go back and forth between these two rows)

So I was following along and I got to K 33, when I went to do my decreases, I had an extra stitch- I can’t quite figure out what I have done wrong here, It seems that my tbl from the previous purl row also looks funny so back on my knit row after the decrease I had 34 again instead of 33

I hope this is clear… Please help I am getting frustrated!

These are consecutive rows? There’s something wrong. Row 1 ends with 74sts but to work row 2 you need 72sts.
Is there a p2 missing between p2tog tbl and p2tog on row 2?

Your right! THANKS SO MUCH- I missed it!

I forgot to write the k 2 in the purl row of pattern

so the pattern reads
K35, k2 tog, p2, k2tbl, k 35
P 34, p2tog tbl, k2, p2tog,p 34

I have done this, but still ending up with an extra stitch! (yes I can count!)

OK, good. Well, it sounds like you’ve maybe diagnosed the problem yourself. Is it possible that the p2tog tbl didn’t catch both sts? It’s a tricky kind of stitch to do and it might be where the extra stitch is coming from.