Silly Sheep Art

I saw this artist at an arts & crafts fair here in Savannah. I thought some of you might enjoy this cute art with clever titles. There’s a bunch of sheep art as well as a listing for sheep, wool and fiber festivals.

The ones titled “incognito” and “hovercraft” are cute knitters prints. I like “baalerina” since I dance, too.


When I read your title, I imagined holding sheep by the feet and painting with their backs! LOL!

Cute, thanks.

Good stuff.

High Strung :rofl:

Yea, High Strung is great, but starting at $1159? that’s a lot of yarn!

Bethany, that was really funny!

yes, the original paintings are expensive but she has posters and mousepads, etc under gifts, I think, that are in the $20-30 range, too.