Silly question - doing neck shaping (first sweater!)

Hoping someone might talk me through this!

The directions read:

… join another ball of yarn and bind off center 14 sts, k to end. Working both sides at once, dec 1 st at each neck edge every RS row 5 times. Work even on 12 sts each side until armholes measure…

Okay, so I joined in the next ball of yarn, AND USED THIS NEW YARN to bind of center 14 sts and work until the end.

Turned the work and worked the first half up to where the bound off sts are.

Now what? If I continue using NEW YARN I will create a big hole where the neck is supposed to be.

Do I now pick up the OLD YARN to work the second half off the sts? Maybe I’m missing what they mean by “work both sides at once?” I presume they mean that I should in effect dec 1 st at beginning and end of each row?

I know I probably should know how to do this… The sweater IS labeled “EASY” for cryin’ out loud!!!



You do work both sides at once using the two balls of yarn. Once you begin it will make sense.

This is an important place to keep track of your rows because they may have you decrease at the neck edge every so many rows. (scrap paper and pencils are you friend)