Silly question about stitch

Hi all…
I am finally finishing my FIRST sweaters back…
The instructions call for the 19 stitches to be put on a stitch holder,
and my question is…do I cut the yarn??? what do I do with the end??

Hi Chris,

Let’s see…Are those stitches at the back of the neck, to be later knit on for a neck edge? Cut the yarn if the back is complete, leaving enough of a tail to sew a shoulder seam, or to do anything else you might want to do from this point.

Congratulations on working on your first sweater!!

yes, the stitches are to be attached to a neck knit later on…and I made the decreases for raglan sleeves…sooo should I cut that end of the yarn?? I am terrified to EVER cut my yarn :smiley: !!!