Silly pets

I love pet pics!:mrgreen:

:hug:ya just gotta luv 'em!!!

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: hilarious pets!

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing everyone!

Well, our youngest dog is just crazy. She is very smart though and does most of her craziness while there are no cameras around…

So here’s a couple - “I did not dig a hole”(it’s hard to see in the picture but her paws and muzzle are covered in red clay - yer her tail is still wagging…
“It’s been a long day, I so tired”
“Move over this is my recliner”

That’s awesome, but Peanut’s got her beat! Red clay outside is better than orange oil paint inside! :wink:

Peanut loves kleenex and so we learned NEVER to wrap a tube of oil paint in kleenex!!! Though we had new carpeting, I just couldn’t be mad at him, this was too ridiculous! This was just before last Hallowe’en…so the boy’s got color sense! :teehee:


How funny!!! Yeah, would definitely be tough to be upset with him!! :rofl:

That orange never DID come out until all the hair grew out. Many weeks’ worth of reminder that we must be vigilant with Peanut. He’s well named, he pees alot and he’s a total NUT!

Here’s a pic of Joey yelling at me…:teehee:

My dog loves kleenex, too! If you don’t empty a trashcan soon enough she reaches in and pulls it all out and shreds it.:doh: Fortunately DH hasn’t wrapped any of his tubes of paint in them! :shock:

WOW - I gotta give Daisy credit, she has never squeezed paint all over the place - YOUCH !

She is very much into Kleenex and dryer sheets as well. If I were to drop a dryer sheet and a piece of pizza she would run past the pizza to roll on the dryer sheet.

My first lab was a kleenex lover too and she knew my grandmother always kept one in her shirt pocket. We spent summers with grandma and when Mandy wasn’t swimming she was following grandma around waiting for her to bend over to pick something up and Mandy would dive in and steal the tissue right out her pocket !

:roflhard: Sounds like my Peanut. Now that my mom’s living with us and she’s always dropping Kleenex or leaving paper towels on the side table next to the couch, his radar is always on!

Yeah, I came home today to a wonderful surprise…My 2 dogs…well, it ain’t quite Kleenex they were after! My hubby accidentally left the door open to our bathroom today and the buttheads decided to get into the trash while I was taking the kids to school…Well, I’m a woman and we know what kind of things women wrap in toilet paper and put in the trash! :teehee: So, though the kids are both in school now, I have my dogs to keep me busy! LOL!

When I was a teenager, we had a little girl beagle…that was her favorite thing to chew up…gross. (so glad those days are behind me.)

LOL Demonica. Been there, done that!

When I was a little girl, my Mom kept books on top of all the Kleenex boxes, because the cat we had at the time loved to empty them.:teehee:

Wow, everyone has such cute babies!!! :slight_smile:

I’m kinda new here, but I never pass up an opportunity to show off my little Keiko monster. This is my favorite picture of her, asleep on my shoulder while we were downtown for a parade!

I swear she’s more catlike than anything… loves to try and bat the ball of yarn as I knit :wink:

In case anyone is wondering… she’s a Shiba Inu aka nightmare-to-raise.

:heart::heart: She’s adorable!!

i’ve heard shiba’s can get attitudes.
welcome the KH, careful it get addicting

LOL all of that couldn’t be truer :wink:

What started as 1 project turned into 4 already… and many many many trips to the amazing knitting stores around here (yay Portland!)

Shibas take a… special… sort of person to raise. They are a huge challenge, even for a very knowledgeable dog person.

She is such a cutie though.