Silly pets

Everyone seems to have cute pictures of their pet doing silly things so i figured i’d start a thread for them. Here’s mine. Winnie was so sleepy her tounge fell asleep. And the other one is what Mittens does when I’m not looking.

:roflhard: Too cute!!


That’s my new puzzle helper, Dexter. I didn’t pose him. That’s where he sat when I tried to work the darn puzzle.

She loves to play and has a basket full of toys. Grace is the only one of the three boxers that plays with toys

i love those ears. bat dog!

Grace looks like one happy dog!

What sweet babies!!!

And Mulderknitter, I just LOVE that name, Dexter! Perhaps it has something to do with my new addiction, the show Dexter, on Showtime…:teehee:

Ok, here’s one of my pups, Freckles, sound asleep on our…er…his old love seat…:teehee:…And yes, due to its sad state, it has since been disposed of…lol

Ok, found another pic…hahaha…Our Mastiff, Lucy, when she was a baby puppy…Man, I forgot she’s always been lazy!

Alright, one more…hahaha…this one cracks me up! Lucy, all grown up, trying to lie down on a step…:roflhard:

:roflhard: What a great thread to read first thing in the A.M

I LOVE this thread. Here’s one of mine. Shih Tzus are often referred to as ‘clownish’ and I know my Cricket certainly is! In this one she’s saying ‘oh, you said DON’T roll in the birdseed!’ :teehee:

Peanut, getting ready for hurricane Ike:

Cricket & Pepper ‘helping’ Papa fix the plumbing:

Cricket, Ripley & Pepper enjoying freshly delivered dirty. REALLY enjoying it as you can tell Cricket was rolling her face in it!

I love silly pet photos and am addicted to Here’s my silly Marshmallow loving up some catnip! She’s a Ragdoll and is now 18 yrs old. This was taken years ago.

Mmmmm caaatniiipp!

Mmmmm mooooorrrre!

This isn’t a pet of course, but I thought it was hilarious when I saw it.

“If I just walk away slowly they won’t know I stole their chips”

Demonica, all of our cats are named after tv chars, and Dexter was the only one we could agree on! I’m completely addicted to the show too!

Here are three of my 6 indoor cats in various silly poses. Morty, my yellow tabby, is laying in his, what I call, “squished,” position. Then we have Merlin, the himalayan, curled up in the sink, and Max is “helping” me organize my yarn.

LOL. Love them all, especially the one in the yarn bag! I can see he supports your habit. :teehee:

I love this thread, everyone has such adorable babies!! Nothing like seeing pics of pets being silly to bring a smile to your face!

And, Jan, in regards to the bird pic…We used to have a cat, Bootsie, who thought if she moved her paw slowly enough when trying to grab our food, we wouldn’t see her! She was so funny! She’d lie down on her stomach and slowly creep her paw closer and closer to whatever we were eating, grab a piece and ever so slowly draw back her paw until she could grab the food with her mouth, then run off to eat it…LOL! I swear, I think she thought the slow movement was an invisibility trick :teehee:

Thanks. Your shih-tzu’s are adorable. I love the one where they “help” fix the plumming.

And, Demonica, that one on the stairs is hilarious.

Max looks so happy!
[I]I would be too if I could sleep in a bed of yarn!:roflhard: [/I]