Silly pattern question

I’m working on a cabled sweater, and I have a stupid question. I think I know the answer but I had better make sure.

When the pattern says "end on WS"
does this mean I end by knitting the RS, so that the WS is the next row I knit?
or do I end by knitting the WS?


This is the sweater by the way

It means to end after you have finished knitting a wrong side/private side row.

Beautiful sweater…make sure you post pics of the FO!

now that think about it…where did you get that pattern…LOL

You’ll have just finished knitting the WS row and the RS will be the next row.

The pattern is in a Berroco pattern book called Norah Gaughan, Men. The sweater is called Devon. It’s supposed to be knit in Peurvia Quick, but i’m making it with Peurvia.

I love this. I want it. Now who’s gonna knit it for me.

I can think of at least 4 men who are difficult to shop/knit for who would love this.