Silly Pattern Question


I’m sure this is probably a very silly question but when a pattern says “knit 8 rows” is that knitting one row and purling the other side for 8 rows, or actually doing a knit stitch for 8 rows?

If it says knit 8 rows then i would knit every row for 8 rows.

If it said knit in stockinette for 8 rows then you would alternate knit and purl rows.

If it said knit in pattern for 8 rows then i woud carry on in what ever pattern i was in, weather it was stockinette, ribbing seed or somthing more complex for 8 rows.

Knit 8 rows would be knit 8 rows = garter st with 4 ridges on each side.

Thanks! Thats what I thought it would be but it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile: