Silly newbie question

so i am thinking i’d like to try hand spining with a spindle… i am just confused… the thing spins on its own after you give it a twirl? then you just twirl it how? by twisting the roving as you draft? :oo:

Have you tried looking here at the [url+]Joy of handspinning site?
They have videos to show you how to do it all. And if you still have trouble I would suggest finding your local spinners/weavers guild. There is no substitute for being shown how to do it in person.
I am not to good at explaining things like spinning in text. So just easier to direct you to a place that would be less confusing. Just becareful spinning is very addictive.

Also when you get your first yarn made I want to see pics!

You just spin it with your hand, or if you want it to go really fast, spin it against your leg…it doesn’t stay spinning by itself when you’re jus tstarting though, unless you’re really lucky! :smiley: It’s best to start out doing what’s called “park and draft.” (google it, there are tons of explanations out there)

This is a great read about starting to spindle spin, I recommend it all the time:

Good luck!

:shifty: thanks julie… i thought thats what they were doing, but the videos i saw were all short.
btw, i think your yarns are just beautiful…

Thanks! :smiley: