Silly newbie question--making stripes

I don’t really have a pattern or anything, but I want to make a scarf with thin stripes (I have this gorgeous LLH yarn). I want to know what is the best way to change colors without wasting a lot of yarn? I was thinking of changing every 3-4 rows or so.

However thick you make the stripes,make an even number of them. This way the yarn will end and the new color will begin on the same side.

You won’t have to cut the yarn when you’re done with it if you make a thin stripe–just carry it up the side by bringing the yarn you’re using under the strand hanging that’s waiting it’s turn. You will see the difference in the edges, but, boy that’s a lot better than having ends to weave in for every stripe.

awesome! that’s what I was trying to avoid! thank you!! goes to start scarf!


If you choose to carry, be mindful that that edge will look diff than the other AND make sure you don’t pull on the wraps as you work them up the edge otherwise you’ll end up with a trapezoid.

Also, as you may already know, you’ll see ‘transitions’ where the new color starts. Your st patt will dictate how obvious it is. Make sure whatever your st patt is that it is applicable to a scarf and whether you need any kind of border to address curling. Carrying colors up the side may necessitate adding a slipped st edge if you had some other kind of sel st in mind.