Silly MSCS Question. Really, it's silly

I’ve got a MSCS in the works, but I did it in a modified pattern, but now that I’m a little more knitting savvy, I’m pretty sure I can do it in the actual pattern. With that being said, I have a very, very silly pattern question. For the second row, it says to P2tog, but before removing stitches from the left needle, to P into the first stitch again. Okay, which would be considered the first stitch? When looking at the stitches on the needle, are they talking about the one on the right or the one on the left? In my mind, I’m thinking it would be the one on the right, but I can see where it could also mean the one on the left. Maybe it’s just me, but I just want to be sure.


Uhh…I don’t even know what MSCS is so I can’t help… can you clarify?

Sorry. My So Called Scarf pattern.

The first st is the one nearest the needle tip.

Thank you! I’m much better at visual learning than written.

Stacy, perhaps this may help

Thanks for asking! I coudln’t figure it out either. Now it makes perfect sense!

Dangles - Thanks for the video. I always forget about going to YouTube!

Even though I am a fairly experienced knitter, I had a hell of a time with that scarf, often short a stitch, and it’s difficult to open up a few rows and pick it up again. What worked for me was to check my stitches after EVERY row, I seem to remember that they always sort of grouped together in pairs. Once I started doing that, and it only takes seconds per row, I was fine. It is a beautiful pattern, and worth all the hassle.