Silly Magic Loop question

I am making Kate’s Cap by Designs by Louise and am just about to start doing Magic Loop instead of DPNs for the decrease. How do I get my stitches onto the bigger needle? Do I knit them on? Do I slide them off the 16" needle onto the bigger one? I feel silly asking this… :oops:

Either/or. You can knit the next round onto the larger needle, or you can just slip the existing stitches and then knit the next round. Whichever you prefer will work just fine. :slight_smile:

Ps… There are NO silly questions! :fingerwag:

Thank you - what a fast reply! I usually knit in the middle of the night while nursing so I tend to make lots of mistakes then and didn’t want to mess this part up. I knew it was probably a simple answer!

and you had BOTH answers

we all need verification sometimes