Silly girl question -- knitted tank tops

Hello all,

I’ve been looking around the Net, and in books, for an easy tank top to knit for the summer. This would be the first thing I’ll actually knit for myself and not someone else. :slight_smile: Anyway, this is probably a silly question, but…I wonder if it is possible to wear a knitted tank and still be somewhat modest? I’m not sure how to say this, exactly. You obviously can’t wear a regular bra with most of them, and some of them look so sheer. I don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on knitting something impractical.

Have any of you actually knitted and worn a tank?

I apologize in advance to the men in the group for this girly topic. :wink:



Hey Deb~

I “must” wear a bra, so when I see knitted tanks that’s the first thing I look for. You can always change the “sheerness”. I’ve seen some, but will have to go looking for them. Will post later when I find them.

You could wear a fleshtone strapless bra, or a pair of those adhesive bra cups, or you could sew in a shelf bra (or just a lining) in the front. Just some ideas off the top of my head… has one or two tank top patterns in their archive, if you haven’t already checked them out.

I want to make some tank tops too, very individualized, maybe some letters on them or something…

why not wear a lacy camisole underneath? (if you don’t like to wear a brassiere all the time or wear both) Camisoles come in all kinds of colours and sheerness and even different lengths. I think that’d look sweet.

I My problem with tank tops and bras is two fold: being well-endowed, I have to wear a bra, but hateit when the arm holes are so large that the side of my bra/breast is visible when i raise my arms… secondly, it’s usually the strap that sticks out over my sholder. Knitting a tank will solve the arm hole problem, and now bras are being manufactured with clear plastic sholder straps which are barely visable.

Hi again,

Thanks to everyone who answered my question. You gave me some good ideas. I particularly like the idea of the bra with clear straps or sewing some kind of bra into a tank. My problem isn’t size as much as, ummm…headlights. :oops: Sorry. Can’t think of another way to say that. Strapless bras are so uncomfortable. I see pretty sweaters like the following, and wonder how they look OK on the models: or .

Anyway, thanks again. I’ll let you know how my project turns out.


I think they make things just to hide…ummm…headlights. They are adhesive and only cover the part that needs covering.

Yeah, I saw those. They are called “petals” in some stores. Some that I saw said you could only wear them 4-6 hours. Others said up to 8 hours. I might give them a try, though. Thanks, Kelly (and everyone else, again).

Wishing it wasn’t almost Monday. :cry:


I wonder why only 8 hours? :think:

Doesn’t let your skin breathe very well?

I think it is because the adhesive won’t hold any longer! They stick on like bandaids. :lol:

Actually I think “nippage” is really in now… they even sell fake nipples to make your headlights extra bright. Check this site (it’s the original I heard on the radio a few months ago) or your local Nordstrom store.
Maybe we just shouldn’t bother with the bras anymore ladies! :eyebrow:

Additional thought: make sure you read the comments on that site, they’re hilarious (and really make me want to buy them).

Wow! That’s so bizarre! That is exactly the look I’m trying to avoid. :?? Hmmm. I don’t think I have to nerve to go in public like that, though.

You were right…the comments section was hilarious. Sometimes I have these “now I really KNOW I’m getting old” moments. I think this definitely qualifies.

Deb, still :??

:rofling: :rofl: :rofl: :rofling:

That site reminds me of how HAPPY I am to be MARRIED already. OMG That’s hysterical!

Thanks for the link Hildegard!!!

We had a great conversation at the supper table tonight :thumbsup:

Some of those stories were very touching… and some were down right raunchy :drool:

:rofling: OMG, I agree with Deb. Sexy as it is, I do all I can to avoid “nippage!”

This topic reminds me of a television interview I once saw of Shirley MacLaine. The female journalist interviewing her totally put her on the spot, by saying “You once gave me a fashion tip, when I met you [10 years ago or whenever.] Do you remember what it was?” Shirley MacLaine had told her to put pearls in her bra, for the nipple-effect! My first thought, as the reporter revealed this on TV, was how horrible a thing to share with a national audience in an interview! Talk about embarrassing for Shirley MacLaine! :oops: I half expected Shirley MacLaine to lean forward and plant a firm ladylike slap across her face! I guess the interviewer was going for the “intimate girl talk” angle. But of course it left her subject speechless. It was quite a thing to watch!

Nothing like last years SuperBowl, but something nonetheless. :lol:


I can’t imagine Shirley Maclean being embarassed by much of anything…she is one unique lady!

OMG! How did I miss a post that involves faux nippage?!?!?!? Must have been th word "“modest” in the title :??

:lol: You guys are cracking me up! I really like the first tank top link, Gardenia. Maybe that would be a fun knit-a-long to do for summer! (I also rarely knit anything for myself!) I like the pic they show of layering the knitted tank over the t-shirt looking tank. Being a fellow “grape smuggler” as my girlfriend likes to refer to it :wink: , I also worry about how those styles will work for me. I am totally self-conscious (spelling?) in the stretchy tanks with the built in bras. I really like the idea of a bra with clear straps – that is a great solution! Now, if only I could lose the twinky shaped arms…


I think a tank knit-a-long is a great idea, but I’m not sure about trying that first Knitty tank. Honestly, it seems like it leaves too much figuring to the knitter. For my first tank (or sweater or any kind, really), I want them to tell me the gauge, etc. I think I would be like this little guy trying to do it on my own: :wall:

I think we could find several tank patterns. I found some good ones, which I will send the links to later. Also, both StitchNBitch books have tanks. I think the Mudflap Girl Tank is especially appropriate for this thread! You can barely see it on the cover; if you click “forward” several times you can’t miss it.

I can’t believe I’m the girl who started the nippage thread. :angelgrin:

Please post easy tank patterns if you find them.

Deb, a.k.a. gardenia