Silly Crash ... my boston terrier

I have two boston terriers. Bonnie and Crash. Crash is very, very spoiled and loving. Bonnie is super sweet, yet happy to be alone.

We were going to my MIL house and I took pictures of Crash’s typical “highway hypnosis” routine.

First pic. Ahhh… going to Grandma’s!

Second pic. Car rides make me sleepy… zzzzzz

Third pic. Chips?!?!?!? Did I hear chips!?!?!?!?

He’s adorable :rofling:

reminds me of my hubby sometimes!!:roflhard::rofling::roflhard::rofling:

I love Bostons and their silly snorty faces and big attitudes:cheering:

I love them cause they are my school’s mascot. :teehee:


I love those pictures, especially the sleeping one! Nora always tries to sleep sitting up and it’s so funny to watch! Her eyes start getting heavy, and her head starts to drop. Just like watching a tired baby. Nora hates to miss anything!

Thanks for sharing!

LOL cute!

:roflhard: Too cute!

your photos are adorable…i have a little frenchie/boston cross (at least, that’s what i think he is…) whose ultimate goal in the car is to climb in your lap. at 30lbs, and lacking grace, it is a bit hard to drive with him!

looking boston-ish

looking frenchie-ish

I love all dogs. They’re so much better than people. :slight_smile:

Crash is adorable. Bonnie and Crash - hee! Great names!

My mom had a Boston Terrier, Maggie, who would demand Mom’s attention by running up and biting her on the big toe. Cracked my dad up, although my mom got a little peeved by it at times. :slight_smile:

Bonnie bites our toes when she wants to stay outside and play… if we start heading to the house, she gets in front of us and bites our toes and hangs on for dear life. Its cute and annoying at the same time.

This is our Bonnie Hoohoo Stinkybutt … aint she cute??

I dont have any pictures, but my friends boston ran into a window and broke it once.

OH I love bostons!! YOu are sooo lucky!! That’s my next dog for sure! :slight_smile:

That is such a cute half-a-bulldog face that Bonnie is making!

You Bostons’ are super cute. I’m impressed you were able to take such clear pictures while driving. I try, but both of mine end up moving or start licking my hand.