Silken scabbard sweater

I’m confused with the join hem round. I did the 3KN to next purl st. Then it says to “p2, k12, p2 and transfer these 16 sts onto wy.” I assume you work 16 sts on the 1st needle and transfer onto wy then work the 2nd needle 16 sts and transfer then go back to 3KN?

Maybe this pattern?

I don’t have this pattern so I think a little more information would be helpful. This is top down, right? Where are you in the pattern, the neck hem? What is 3KN? Are you using dpns?

Yes, that’s the pattern on ravelry. It’s a top-down, seamless pattern on circular needles. The 3NK sts I understand but every time you come to a “p2, k12, p2 and transfer to wy” section, I’m not clear what to do. These 16 sts are the cable sts and it’s in the beginning of the project at the neckline. I think you work the 16 sts off one needle then the other needle then go back to 3NK til the next group of 16 sts. I read through the pattern and if it wasn’t for the fact that my daughter wants it made for herself, I’d have given up because unfortunately this won’t be the only time I need to seek help with the instructions. They’re confusing. I appreciate your feedback and responding so quickly.

OK, say you work the 16sts from the left needle to the right needle and then transfer them to wy. I’m not sure what you mean when you say, " I think you work the 16 sts off one needle then the other needle…"
What happens to those 16sts the next round?
Just for my understanding what is 3KN?