Silk Necktie pattern ... I don't get it, can anyone help?

OK , no I haven’t tried knitting it yet … but the picture shows a straight bottom and the pattern starts with CO 3 sts then increasing.

then after you knit for 67" … there is a right and left side Tie-ending Triangle.

then cut yarn and weave ends … do you think you turn the triangles up for the “hem” … or does it all just turn out to be a straight edge.

I know, I know … trust the pattern :slight_smile:

When you look at the pattern on the tie, it looks like it’s at an angle. I wonder if you’re starting in the lower corner with the 3 stitches.

If you look really closely at the picture, there’s a mitering or chevron thing going on. I’d just follow the pattern and see where it leads, those are cute!

Sara! You were right! It is a sort of upsidedown V pattern and the first few rows make it “square” … the right and left triangles make the other end “square” I didn’t knit the whole tie … just the beginning and the end :slight_smile: I am going to make it out of something a bit less expensive than silk … and if that works out … I would like to make a silk one. Thanks for the good advice!

Trust the pattern, trust the pattern, trust the pattern …