Significant Other/Roomie/friends/family conversation?

Here’s a brief run down of a recent conversation with the BF. Just wondered if yours are similar:

Me: Hey, look at this stitch!"

Him: (quick glance out of the corner of his eye) Uh, yup, cool.

Me: No! Look at this stitch! It’s looking so much better, I’m really getting it now.

Him: (quick head turn, and super quick glance) Oh, now I see it.

Me: Do you? This cable looks awesome doesn’t it?

Him: (head turn and looks at fabric squinting) Uh, yeah, cables are cool.

Me: Doesn’t this pattern look soooooo much better than the last pattern?!?

Him: (looks me in the eye, completely ignoring the needles and fabric) I really don’t know what I’m looking at but if you say it’s better, than I believe you. But really, I don’t know what your stitch is or what kind of cable your using, or any of that. But I like the color of the sting…uh…yarn.

Yeah, we have two different hobbies.


My DH and I have an agreement. He’ll listen to me ramble about my knitting and tell me how great it is without ever actually getting (or caring about) any of it. I’ll return the favor when he rambles about his favorite thing to do. It works really well for us. :teehee:

Ironically enough, that is similar to conversations my DW and I have :roflhard:

:teehee: Yup, happens here too. DH calls from work every night. Says to me two nights ago, “did you finish your hat?”

“well, no… but I did finish all 6 inches of ribbing and I’m setting up the cable and double moss sections. I’m just about ready to do a cross over with my first braided cable…”

Says the Dh,
“Yes, I didn’t ask for the Greek version I was more curious if your hat was finished. But I think that just meant not to night dear, right?”


haha! I just died laughing. :roflhard:

DH and I had this almost exact conversation last night. Only I was showing him the difference between DPN knitting and Circular Knitting. :teehee:

He tried tho. I had to pull out my Options to show him how I can knit in one big circle with these needles, but I cannot knit a circle any smaller than the needles… and then showed him the DPNS to give him an idea of how it worked… He tried… he really tried… But I could tell he wasn’t really getting it. :aww:

He was however really impressed with how complicated the DPN’s looked. lol.

:roflhard::roflhard: My DH actually looks at it, but I know he doesn’t really have a clue. He does tell me if he thinks something is cool though.

DH is an artist and last night he was looking at a paint catalog or something and I asked what he was looking at. He said “I’m looking at this paint catalog. It’s telling me about blah, blah, blah and pigment blah, blah” :whoosh:

I said “uhhhh…I guess that’s like when I’m telling you about yarn or some pattern, huh?” He laughed and agreed. :teehee:


My BF and I have conversations more like Jan in CA’s. He’ll actually look at something and say “I like the color or the pattern or whatever.” And then I say the same thing when he talks to me about photography.

So I guess it’s only fair to share his side of it. He likes video games:

[COLOR=Red][B]Him:[/B][/COLOR] Hey, check out the car I just bought, it can go (insert absurd number) miles per hour! And look at the paint, I can change it to ______ color. And the rims! Man, look they have (insert unknown brand here) and…OH, OH _________ (insert another brand name here)!

[COLOR=Red][B]Me:[/B][/COLOR] (glancing up from my knitting in the general direction of the t.v.) Yeah, cool.

[B][COLOR=Red]Him:[/COLOR][/B] No, look right here, I can put (blah, blah, blah) on the car and (blah, blah, blah, blah)

[B][COLOR=Red]Me:[/COLOR][/B] (looking at the t.v. just long enough to convince him I’m interested) Yeah, that’s awesome.

[COLOR=Red][B]Him:[/B][/COLOR] OMG, check out this replay!! Oh, OH MAN that is so freaking cool, I just won _______ (insert absurd amount of fake video game money).

[B][COLOR=Red]Me:[/COLOR][/B] It’s very cool, but I’m trying to count these stitches right now, so can I look at that stuff later.

[B][COLOR=Red]Him:[/COLOR][/B] How can you NOT like this…(getting distracted due to the highly intense racing game)…mumble, mumble.

[B][COLOR=Red]Me:[/COLOR][/B] (about 10 minutes later he’s still mumbling, and glancing back looking astonished that I’m not fascinated by his racing game) Are you winning? I know you’re winning…(I trail off as I lost count of my stitches, have to stop knitting in the middle of the row, go back and recount my stitches. I regain my count)…you’re so good at that game…

[B][COLOR=Red]Him:[/COLOR][/B] Man, you’re not paying attention, just knit.

[B][COLOR=Red]Me:[/COLOR][/B] (I hear him say knit and think, hunh, he finnally wants to look at my knitting, he’s interested) Hey, look at this stitch! <----- refer to conversation at the top of this thread.

Your conversation sounds very similar to ones that happen in my house with my BF! He really tries to sound interested, but he just doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. He always compliments whatever I’m making though, which makes it worth it.

I get ‘fake’ compliments. You know–throw them out there just in case.

“That’s a nice sweater. Did you make that? You’re very talented.”

“I made this sweater 3 years ago and have worn it twice a month for 3 winters.”


He always compliments whatever I’m making though, which makes it worth it.

Yes, it does. Mine compliments me a lot also. We just live in different realities. He’s stuck in the 1860’s, and I wish I could spend my whold day knitting.

My boyfriend is actually interested in the “knot-theory” part of knitting, but you should see him in a yarn store. :teehee: I get all excited, show him all the yarn I’m interested in and tell him why, but he just looks at me with this face: :shock:. Then he just waits for me in a corner, and he seems so uncomfortable, it’s as if we were in a store selling only ladies sanitary products. :roflhard:

Knitting and hockey are two things my DH and I can actually talk about, since we do them together. BUT, he’s a structural engineer, and you should see how excited he gets about bridges! I-beam this, and purlins that, and blah blah blah! Oy ve.

That made me snort a little. The original conversation actually sounds a lot like the convos I have with my 8yo daughter, whom I am trying to convince to start knitting. She’s all, “Yeah mom.” When I told her Hannah Montana knows how to knit I got a slightly interested gleam, but it never went further than that.

:chair: That sounds so familiar. Though today when I showed him a knitted afghan I finished today, he did say Wow that’s pretty! I think that’s partly because he knows it’s not staying here.(I’m mailing it off to a sister)
If it’s not made of metal he really isn’t interested.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid]My DH is very into my knitting. He loves to research things, and since I had a new hobby he went straight to the books to learn about it. He bought me a set of Denise Interchangables soon after I started knitting because he’d read that they were the ones to have…obviously before the Options came out. If I’ve just made super progress, or just want to brag about a stitch I’ve mastered, he’ll drop everything so he can come over and look at it, ask many questions, and then gives out many compliments.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#9932cc]Sometimes I regret the fact that he is so into my knitting. Everytime we go clothes shopping he always points out that I could knit this or that for myself. Then we have to calculate yarn useage and time involved to decide if it’s more cost effective to purchase it ‘already made’ or if I hsould make it myself. :knitting: My husband has always been completely open to buy me whatever I need for my knitting addiction. He was all about me knitting my own sweater until I showed him one that I wanted to make, but the yarn was going to cost upwards of $800. :roflhard:He has now decided that somethings are just cheaper to buy ready made. :slight_smile: [/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#9932cc]Kats[/COLOR][/FONT]

my dh is also interested in what i’m doing and he actually dares to go yarn shopping with me. If i don’t have anything in mind to make right away and we’re going by a yarn shop, even if i tell him that i’m not really interested in stopping because i’ve got too much on my plate at the moment with school, kids, and current projects he STILL stops, and pulls me in, and shows me the ones he thinks have cool color combinations or look nice… then i show him the price tag and give him sticker shock, and he takes me over to the notions section and asks if there’s anything there i need (and i ask him need or want? and he says doesn’t matter) then he’ll help me look for any books i want… if they don’t have it he’ll go online and order it for me (like the viking knitting pattern books… i already know i have the other one coming for a yule gift).

he’s a sweetie and well trained. he says anything to keep me relaxed and NOT stressing LMBO