Signatur Knits - Available in USA

THis is an Australian designer. I could kill for the white diamond cable swingcoat but I do particularly love her coats and kiminos. You can buy the garments or the kits. The garments are very expensive! however gosh they would last and some pieces are so individual. There is a link showing retail store availability in the US. Even just for inspiration the site is worth a look:

Those are drop dead gorgeous! I am salivating! Thanks for sharing!!

Indeed… I love the gum leaf pattern but there’s some wonderful pattern and knitting work there and I forgot to say you can buy patterns only for most garments but they’re not cheap. If I lived in a cold climate however I would invest in one of her kiminos because I think the standard of work is so fabulous and it would last a lifetime.

There is a lys that is a ways from me that I see carries her stuff. I am thinking I would like to get a pattern and keep in my wish list spot for when I am a fabulous knitter!

:slight_smile: Good plan. I think it’s great to have a few select ultimate goals in any craft.