So, I put my knitting aside for a few days. Why? Because I thought I did two stitches together. So I stopped and counted. WITH the two stitches as one, I had 47 stitches. I’m only supposed to have 45! So back I go … then I look at the last row, again, 47.

BUT! Somewhere, I managed to literally make an X with the stitches on the needle.

At least I have lots of time before work today to try to fix it.

Oh! And the other day, I went to pick up a set of 13 needles for the blizzard scarf. Of course, Zellers didn’t have them. (I went there since it was in the same mall as my job and I didn’t have enough time to run to Michael’s.) So guess I’ll pick those up tomorrow while I’m on the job hunt.

Do you have both knits and purls in the same row? I bet you did a couple of accidental yarn overs. I do that pretty regularly. You should be able to ladder down and drop the yo’s, just be sure it’s the yo’s and not the stitches that get dropped. If you find that dropping the yo’s gives you a gap, you might need to frog back to that row and just reknit.

Yeah, I just spent the last half hour going back. I found that the X I managed to create was a slipped stitch and a yarn over, I think. I kept going … but I haven’t yet found where that other stitch came from.

What happened with the sl st and YO is that you didn’t complete the st. You don’t have to rip back;when you get to that spot on the next row just pull the yo into the slipped st and you have a stitch.