I wish I knew how to make a sock. I look at tutorials and I even bought a live tutor, for an hour, and still, no sock.
Not one. I can make the tube for the leg, but, not a clue about gussets, toes, or that other thing you make to make the sock fit right.

If you know how to do entrelac knitting, tell me.
Do you always have to use dpns, or can u use straights?

sigh don’t tell me that. I am so wanting to do a sock (two, actually) but haven’t even started to look at how. Did you look at Silver’s tutorial? I’m hoping that gives me all the magic answers…

I went blind after looking at this photo on the tutorial:
heh heh!

oh. hm. yes. I can see why. Ugh! I’ll have to have a lot of coffee in me when I look at this again! Ha! Good luck!

My first entrelac swatch was knit on straights. You don’t have to use dpns for it.

As for the sock…I took a class. I’ve yet to finish one though.

So good to hear that someone ELSE can’t do socks.

All these people say how easy and FUN socks are, well, I don’t see that. I think they forgot what it was like to be clueless in knitting.

As for the first entrelac, do you have a pattern, book, or webiste you can hook me up with, to learn?

For entrelac I find it easier to do them on circular needles. You wouldn’t want to use dpns, because you only work on part of the stitches at a time (each block) and you need to have the rest of them on something. A straight or circ keeps them in order. This is a pretty good tute for it -

take a class?

I’m really visual, i love videos.

OK, show me a good sock video.

I’m willing to try again.

I would love to MAKE socks, since my younger daughter, (28 yrs. old) said she’d like a pair or 3.

If you think socks are hard Entrelac is even more complicated.Try knitting a baby sock.Amy has a video on this

Okay, I’m a fairly new knitter and am now enjoying my first sock.

A couple of things that will help is to decide if you want to use dpns or 2 circs (or magic loop). Whichever method you use, practice on it for a while before getting started. I confess, I found a pattern for a mini Christmas stocking ornament, and made about 8 of those on 2 circs over the last couple of months before starting a real sock. (Smaller, and less intimidating).

Basically, if you get comfortable with your “method” (i.e, you actually know how to knit on two circs/dpns), then the sock really isn’t impossible to learn. For the heel turn, you just follow the directions in the pattern…knit so many, turn your work, knit so many, knit 2 tog., turn your work, until you’re done. Then it’s just picking up stitches and following the directions again.

Start with a pattern that tells you each step and it won’t be so hard as trying to figure it out with a general instruction.

I also made a pair of Fuzzy Feet, which was a big project and easy step by step instructions (its written for dpns, but I used 2 circs).

All that to say, don’t be too discouraged…you CAN do it if you want to. It may be that socks aren’t the most fun thing for you and you may not want to knit them after all. But don’t give up if it’s something you’d really like to do. IT just takes a little perseverance. (and a few mistakes and some ripping out…but that’s all part of the learning process!:))

I was the same way about sock knitting. I had to have classes more than once. I’m a visual knitting person myself. I have the DVD of Lucy Neatby’s Sock Technique. I did need to pop in my LYS a few times when I got stumped too. Don’t give up, it’s a fun knit when you get the hang of it.

[B]Hi All
Where can I buy Malabrigo yarn. Is there a site on line to order it.
What is best suited for. I was thinking a scarf.

I second finding a sock pattern that spells out all the steps rather than assuming you’ve done this before. I started with a pattern book I bought 30 years ago put out by Bucilla called Hand Knit Socks for men, women, and children. It has a basic sock pattern just straight stockinette all the way to cables, argyle, knee socks and so on. They call for anywhere from size 1 dp to size 8. I started with plain socks and worked my way up through the difficulty levels. I do enjoy socks because they aren’t bulky and about the time you’re bored, you get to the heel and gussets and then foot shaping. When you start the 2nd sock you’re more familiar with the pattern and it seems to go faster.
You can do it!

For both entrelac and socks, most patterns will tell you step by step how to do it, and is easier to follow with yarn and needles in your hands than try to figure it out in your head. Neither are really difficult but as mentioned, it helps if you’re familiar with working on circs or dpns. Have you looked at Silver’s Sock classes? Everyone thinks they’re pretty good and easy to follow.

I did entrelac before I ever attempted socks, and I did not find it complicated at all once I got past the ‘set up’. I used the yarnpath tutorial that someone else posted, and just jumped in and trusted the pattern, and it worked out. Reading the pattern without the needles and yarn in my hand, I was totally intimidated and didn’t think I could do it. But once you are actually doing it, it makes a lot more sense.

As for socks- I was intimidated by those for the LONGEST time, and never would even try. Then I found this pattern and decided I had to make them for my girls. Didn’t even occur to me that it’s basically socks. They were hard for me, I did lots of things I had never done before, but I used Amy’s videos and lots of patience and got through them. Only then did I realize I had basically made socks! The slippers are toe-up, so I have since started a pair of toe-up socks. I haven’t gotten to the heel yet, but only because I put it aside to start a sweater. I have made 3 pairs of the slippers!

Yes,I must be missing something, when I look at silver’s sock classes.
I don’t get it. So, not everyone thinks they’re easy to follow.:wink:

ok, I looked at silver’s tutorial and it looked much easier than I thought after looking at the pic you posted at the beginning (yes, I have coffee in me now! ha!) I think it’s a “just dive in” situation. Now I have to get this hat off the needles and make some socks! Good luck!

I did learn on Silver’s DPN tutorial, but I find socks easier to do on two circular needles than on DPNs. Less fiddly it seems to me.

That being said… Here’s a link to some YouTube videos of making a sock on DPNs.

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