Does anyone know how long it takes to get on the Ravelry? I’m behind 4000 people! :sad:

Hey you’re better than me I’m behind 7,500 people. i think at i won’t get in until xmas!

I’m a little bit ahead of you, and I am thinking next Saturday I will be spending my day on Ravelry. Probably not before then. Looks to be 600-800 being invited a day. (I was kind of hoping they would just open it up wide today…no luck.)

Oh man! Until X-mas? Are you serious?!

Didn’t you just sign up today? You should have a lot more ahead of you than that if you did. :think: They are moving pretty fast now though.

Well I signed up on August 5th, and literally was accepted 2 months later. However, they have been speeding up the invites incredibly fast the past week.

Hang in there, if you are behind 4000 you know you aren’t alone.

I signed up September 29th and I have 12780 people in front of me. I’m being patient. Nothing to do but wait!

If you just signed up yesterday there should be a lot more in front of you than that.

I signed up Sept. 15th and there are still 8192 in front of me.

It took about 2 months for me. I put my name on the list in May and got my invitation in July.

Don’t worry. I signed up on the 13th of September and there’s a little over 7,000 people ahead of me. But it’s going fast. Less than a month ago there were over twenty-thousand people ahead of me.

I’m still waiting for the day when I put my e-mail address in the waiting list checker and hit “submit” for a pop-up to appear on my screen saying, “Chill, you obsessive weirdo!” LOL I check it like twice a day.

I signed up some time ago, but I completely forgot about it! Once you posted the link I remembered!

I have about 13.000 people ahead of me, so you’re lucky.

Oh okay. Well, they are moving pretty fast now so it won’t be too long. :wink:

I hope so!

you better than ME
6556 people are ahead of you in line
its gonna take forever
people who are in, is it all that and then some, or will this STAY my fav site?

JK, this will be my fav for a LONG time to come


This website and www.howrse.com are my favorite sites!

I’ll be in at the end of the week…:slight_smile: if they keep up with the 500-600 invites a day…

I just take who’s ahead of me, and then divide by 500(to be conservative), and that gives me a rough estimate of how much longer…:slight_smile:

I’ll do that, let’s see…about 7-8 days hopefully!

I signed up on August 3 and I got in on October 4, so it took me about 2 months. At the rate it’s going, you might not even have to wait that long.

I think every knitter in the world is ahead of me…it’s at something like 42,000!!! :noway: