Sigh, swimmers ear

so i had slight ear pain yesterday and i figured it might be swimmers ear. i woke up today and it hadnt gotten worse so i figured whatever was wrong fixed itself. Well at about 5 it started getting real bad, and by the time i realized that i will need a prescription it was too late to go to the health center on campus. I really REALLY dont want to go to the emergency room just for some ear drops so i am stuck like this till tomorrow morning. Its amazing how much trouble an ear ache can cause. why oh why does it have to be prescription medicine :confused:

OUCH! :hug:

My DH gets swimmer’s ear really easily so after he goes in the water he always uses Swim Ear to help dry out the ear. He hasn’t had to go to the doctor in a long time.

I used to get swimmers ear all the time as a kid - well, only once that required antibiotics. The doctor had my mom mix equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a dropper bottle and it went in out eyes almost everytime we got out of the water (we were swimming in a river). Even now as an adult every now and again I get an earache and will put it in my ears.
good luck

You do mean ears right? :wink:

WOW - guess that’s why you should proof read your posts and not type while talking to the dog and making dinner…
YUP - it went in our EARS :slight_smile:

hmm, maybe i will try the vinegar/alcohol mix next time? I tried some over-the-counter water drying ear drops (not sure what brand) and it made the pain intensify so im thinking the bacteria is alive and kicking(literally! and hard) so i will need antibiotic drops

i do usually use those ovtc drops after swimming, but this time i think i got water in my ear from the shower. ugh, the shower! lol, who would have thought…

My DH gets swimmer’s ear really easily so after he goes in the water he always uses Swim Ear to help dry out the ear. He hasn’t had to go to the doctor in a long time.

My daughter is prone to swimmer’s ear and started using Swim Ear last summer. Worked great.

I got the ear drops today and hopefully i will feel better by tomorrow morning. it has moved into my jaw and neck a bit so im not too happy as of now, lol.

My son had swim ear a couple of summers ago when he was “swimming” in the bath tub all the time. We did the alcohol/vinegar thing and it cleared right up. Because he wasn’t running a fever I decided against taking him to the doctor. After 2 days of alcohol/vinegar in the ear it cleared up quite nicely. Now we just squirt it in his ears after he swims or takes an especially long shower.

hmm, my ear is feeling better, but it is still super clogged, ya know like the feeling you get when on airplanes? its been like this for two days now and its driving me nuts. Im not sure if i just need to wait it out or go back to the doc, the drops seem to be making the clogged feeling worse, :confused:

Try using a blow dryer set on low for a few seconds at a time. The warm air will help dry it and discourage bacteria growth. When I was little I had constant ear infections and swimmer ear. This is one trick I remember my mom doing that actually helped.

Whenever I get swimmer’s ear (it is almost always from the shower) I use a drop of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab in the ear. It always clears right up. The first time I ever got it, it was the first time I ever got an ear ache. I figured I could fight my way through it… oh it was hideous. And it was right when my grandmother died too… i was popping tylenol by the handful! horrible!!