Sift or Ball Winder/

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two? If they are NOT the same, which is more useful?

A swift holds the yarn, the winder rolls it into a center-pull ball. They work best together. I suppose you could hand-wind a ball with the yarn on the swift, or put the yarn around a chair back or someone’s hands and use the ball winder. Here’s a picture of them working together.

I don’t have a swift, I LOVE, LOVE my ball winder!! When I have yarn in hanks, I simply put the hank over the back of the computer chair I’m sitting in now and it works fine for me :wink:

I do the same as Rebecca and my chair spins so that helps too.

Thanks all. Now it make sense. Oh, BTW, one day I’ll learn how to spell and to type! Maybe. LOL