Sideways Spencer by Annie Modesitt

I did a search for this, and came up with nothing.
I’ve just cast on, and the very first instructions say work the 1st row of the waves and cable chart. WHAT?
This is the cuff of the sleeve I just cast on. Looking at all the photos I could find, it sure as heck seems to have a ribbing at the cuff, not go directly into the cable pattern.
Please :aww: can someone help me??

I don’t have the pattern, but I looked it up at Ravelry. It does appear to have 3-4 inches of ribbing at the cuff before the cable pattern starts.

Are you sure you haven’t skipped the beginning of the directions? Maybe skimmed over it too quickly and missed it?

Do you have the Interweave Knits issue from 2004 with the pattern? or did you buy it thru Annie’s website or thru Ravelry? Maybe one of them has an error? (though I didn’t see mention of an error at Ravelry…)

Check the sts on that 1st row; cable patterns are mainly like ribbing, so maybe you’re to repeat just that row for the cuff.

Hi Lyndalm:
I’ve been meaning to get that pattern off of the KnittingDaily website; however, I haven’t gotten a chance to.

To answer your question, I believe you will be adding the cuffs and waistband ribbing later on in the project. A lady from Australia made the jacket in 2007 and posted about it on her blog. Here is the link: you have to scroll down to near the bottom of the page (it is the April 5, 2007 entry). Also, if you are using the pattern straight from the Fall 2004 issue you might want to look at this page ( it has an erratum for the pattern.
Good luck. HTH.