Sideways knit plain cardigan!?

Well, there’s this beautiful completely simple cardigan in Weekend Knits but as usual (for me anyhow) I find a pattern I love and it’s for a baby. Check out the picture. I’ve been searching over at knitting central but haven’t found one yet.

Isn’t this just sweet? (the baby has hers on backwards) You could knock off a few of these pretty fast I think.
I just have to learn how to convert to bigger… I know sort of how to do it but with sideways it might be tricky. Anyone make something like this?

Sonnet is knit sideways. You could just leave out the pattern if you want all garter.

Sure, you’d just have to get out your tape measure; it doesn’t seem to involve a lot of shaping, just at the neck. You would convert their gauge (sts/rows per inch) to inches and then into your gauge. Or use thicker yarn and larger needles, but likely you’ll have to use measurements.

Thanks guys! (gals) Oh yeah, I remember Sonnet now.
That is awfully similar isn’t it? I think it’d we easier for me than converting measurements although I’ve got to learn that too…
Great! big thanks