Sideways knit cable sweater pattern

I’m looking for a pattern for a sideways knit cable sweater. I’m sure I’ve seen a pattern somewhere for one!?

IK winter has one - Bubble Cable Dolman. Let me find a picture…

the home page shows the projects in the current issue. It’s the third row down on the right.

Debbie Bliss’s Silver Belle is partially knit side to side – very cool construction. :thumbsup: In the pattern pic it is pretty short, but I’ve seen it knit longer adn that’s the way I’d like to make it.

Here’s a free one from Elann
It’s made with chunky yarn and should be a fast knit.

there’s a book called Cuff to Cuff that I’m waiting to look at too–sweater is knit from “cuff to cuff”. Maybe there are cables in there?

Knitty has one - is this what you are looking for?

A bit late I know, but just saw one here
Pull Bernini