Sidewalk talk flip flop socks

Hello I am on the second part of the heel and my stitch count is off. Are any of you familiar with this pattern?

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Can you give us your stitch count and the pattern count? Also you can post a couple of rows of the pattern so that we have an idea of the type of heel you’re making. Please don’t post more than that because of designer copyrights.

Thank you for responding. I did frog back so I’m working back up to that point again. If I get stuck again, I will send you a pic but I overcome my error, I will also let you know.
Thank you again!

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I hope this pic will show what I’m talking about.
I ready to begin the second half of the heel Row 1. I have 8 GSR on the left, 17 sts in the middle and 7 GSR on the right.
I turned the work and will do a GSR, k 16 and then Ktog two of the GSRs. This is is where my count always go awry.
Thank you for your help.

Even though you resolve the double stitch of the German Short Row (GSR) by a k2tog, it still should count as one stitch.
So you would have 1+16+1 across this row. How many sts should you have here according to the pattern?

Row 1 GSR, k16 plus 2 ktog = 18
Row 2 GSR, p17 plus 2 Ptog = 19
I think I’ll go through and write the stitch count on the pattern.
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again!

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Yahoo! I got it!
I think writing down the numbers of the total count, knitting with fresh eyes, and not overthinking it really helped.
I don’t have a lot of experience with GSR so I have to remember the st that is right before the GSR sometimes snuggles w the GSR.
Thank you again for your insight.

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