Side edge

I am working the right front of my sweater. I am to inc at the side edge but which edge? Is it the right front looking at it or the right front as I am wearing it?

Can you post a link to the pattern or the exact pattern line indicating the increases (and maybe the line before and the line after)

It should tell you to increase on the WS or RS but I’d need more info to help!

Here is the pattern

Right front: Cast on 44-47-50-53-56 sts on smaller needles. Knit 5 rows seed st, change to larger needles and Pattern 1, starting from center front edge at appropriate arrow on the chart (1 edge st at each side is not knit in the pattern).
When the piece measures 7 cm inc 1 st at the side edge every 8 cm a total of 3 times = 47-50-53-56-59 sts - the increased sts are knit in the pattern as you go along.
After reading it again I think the side edge is at the end of the first row of pattern, right?

The side edge would be where the seam goes as you’re wearing it.


Thanks, :happydance: