Sick of Explaining Why I Knit

:whoosh: Does anyone else encounter this: You’re in a public place (at the park with DD) and people actually walk up to you and with a giggle in their voice, ask why you knit… Or a family member makes fun of you because apparently only old ladies with white hair, cardigans, rocking chairs, and 300 cats are acceptable knitters…

:gah: Sorry to vent… I just wish that people (family members especially) wouldn’t treat it like such an oddity. I love knitting. I generally give the “Why I Knit” monologue every time I knit in front of another person (unless at knitting group). Why is it so hard for people (non-knitters) to believe that knitting is fun and relaxing?

I know I’m being sensitive about this - but after a couple of years of knitting, my family members (and especially DH’s family members) continue to rib me about this as a hobby.

I know why you knit. Same reason I knit, I have a son with Autism, this is for me, and it helps me relax. Then again, I’m usually knitting something for someone else so it serves dual purposes which, having a child with special needs, I know we mom’s do this kind of thinking. We are always looking for several levels in our reasoning; And this is something you can do that not everyone else can.
Besides that, they’re most likely jealous.
When people give you a hard time you should make them a hat.
And make it a hat that they’ll really want to wear. Like in their favorite color or out of some really cool yarn, or do something to it like put jingle bells on it for children or do it in a team color.
Then you can smile when they wear it and they’ll shut up.

Seems like everyone else crochets.
We’re the odd man out. I like that about knitters.

Personally I think that they are jealous! My DD says things like what are you doing today, as if I have to ask. I usually respond with I am knitting! No one asks me why I am knitting, I just get weird looks. I have actually been [I]told[/I] [B]NOT[/B] to bring my knitting to family gatherings, by family members. One family member asked for knitted items, but then never uses them. Only one of my family understands my need for knitting and that is because, after many years of crochetting, she has now tried her hand at knitting and is enjoying it. I think she decided to do it because I was knitting, but who cares what the reason is, she is now converted!

Ugh! Why on Earth should I have to explain? Maybe ask them why they are texting, playing video games, reading books, skiing, playing ball games, watching tv, eating junk food, shopping, etc. I could go on and on and on. Tell them that only little kids like video games or that only old men should watch sports. See what they say. My DBF doesn’t understand why I want to knit “so much” but he does sorta get it. I can’t believe having to explain myself to my friends and fam all the time. I agree with making them something they will use. Kill them with kindness.


Nobody’s ever asked me. My family knows why I do it. I can’t see why it’s such a revelation to strangers when they see you knit. People usually “stop and stear” at something unusual and knitting CAN’T be THAT unusual.

DS says he thinks it’s like a drug, that I’m addicted. I just laugh and say ‘yes, it’s my meds to keep me sane and well-balanced - so I don’t go insane living with DH and him!’

You don’t need to be wordy in your explanation to strangers. Just say something like “I knit because I enjoy it” or “I knit because I enjoy it and it gives me satisfaction to hold something in my hands that I created” and then let it go. In fact this works with people you know as well. If they don’t understand it then that is not your problem.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m lucky. I’m from a family of crafters, and it’s sort of expected that the women will be crafty. If you don’t knit, you surely do something. My boss even understands that I can knit and read at the same time, and doesn’t mind if I do so.

Jeepers, whenever I get asked that question… I’m delighted!

I love knitting - I love how it helps me cope with life, I love how it is the ultimate expression of caring, I love how the results can be used over and over, I love how relaxing it is.

The more people I can help find this amazing, many-faceted love of knitting, the happier I am! So —

Please!!! Go ahead… ASK me WHY I KNIT. The answer just might make your life better!


Wow-- no offense to your relatives, but they sound like a hostile bunch. I personally wouldn’t even dignify it with an answer, and if they kept asking, I’d finally just look at them as if they were an annoying child and say, “this is really the most clever thing you can come up with to talk about?” When a stranger asks, I think just saying, “because it’s very relaxing and creative” is short and sweet and if they continue with an “only old ladies with white hair” comment, then that’s pretty bold to push with someone you don’t know, and I’d ignore them.

I’m a guy, who wears kilts, knits and even knits in public kilted:

When asked why I’m knitting, with a straight face, but strange glint in my eye, answer.

“The shrinks at the VA Hospital say that knitting will help me with my issues, but then they got concerned because of the sharp knitting needles in my hands.”

Can you explain why they leave very quickly? :roflhard: :rofl:

Very, very good.:slight_smile:

“The shrinks at the VA Hospital say that knitting will help me with my issues, but then they got concerned because of the sharp knitting needles in my hands.”

Can you explain why they leave very quickly? :roflhard: :rofl:

I LOVE it! My husband is a disabled vet, but all attempts to get him to knit have failed. We just went to our Celtic Festival (I volunteered at it) last weekend. I read that men primarily knitted (kilt hose & the like.)

You have definitely mastered the “I live how I like to, go ahead and stare” bit. :yay:

I have never had anyone ask me why I knit- it’s usually the “How do you have time for that”. Oh pul-leaze!

Thank you husband service.

Also tell him that the only way to get good fitting kilt hose is to knit them yourself.

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I hate the “Oh, I can’t do that” when people see it. It’s not that hard. I tell people if they learned to tie shoes, they can learn to knit. I was told to never say “I can’t” unless it’s something you are truly incapable of doing! (For instance, I CANNOT grow another set of arms to help get everything done!)


In my case, people see me knitting and say “I don’t have enough patience for that”, or “I wish I could do that but I’m all thumbs”.

I’ve always liked doing things with my hands, like putting things together (jigsaw puzzles were an obsession when I was in school), and then I learned how to do needlework! No more jigsaw puzzles!

When I was working, I was always found crocheting or knitting in the breakroom, and a lot of times people would come in wanting to know what I was working on. When I joined the local crochet guild early on, I convinced a fellow employee to come to a meeting and she’s been coming ever since!

Now that I’m retired, there are a lot of projects going, and it’s always a tough choice to decide what to work on next. I find myself spending more time trying to decide what to work on than actually knitting or crocheting!

I think, for repeat offenders, I would counter their question with “Why do you ask rude questions?”

OK, I probably wouldn’t… but I’d want to. :slight_smile:

My family describe me as old before my time because i knit.

If i make anything for a baby i get the comment are you and kevin (other half) trying to tell us something. umm, no i just make things to help other people when i can, like theres something wrong with it.

My partner talks like its an adiction, which of course it is :woot: . he loves that i knit thankfully.
I’ve only ever knitted in public once, then i just got kids watching me and one mum and daughter asking to have ago.

I dont mind people asking propper questions, i get annoyed with the who on the earth do you do that when you could just go to the shop and buy it. But each to their own

Ooh, I like that :teehee: I’d probably just say ‘Why not?’