Shrug yarn question

In the spring summer Family Circle easy knitting (or whatever the mag is called), there is a cute shrug that looks easy made out of caron Jewel box yarn (available at Wal-farts and similar places). check out the first one in the subheading “Bold Shoulder”

The pattern looks like its something I can do, and i like how it looks…two very important things. (and if I cant figure out the pattern, thats why I have you all!)

Anyway, have any of you used this jewel box stuff? Feedbag? Or should I try to find something similar and use a different yarn?

I used Jewelbox to make a purse and scarf (check my blog thread about 1/2 way down the page) for my MIL and a WW :eyebrow: . It is VERY velvety…I think it would be nice for a shrug! Keep in mind that it is NOT stretchy until you knit it up. I would use it again.

I have used the jewel box for four projects…three purses and a scarf…I used the yarn double for the purses and with an eyelash yarn for the scarf…I really like the yarn and it is very reasonable priced.