Shrug pattern help please

I am a total knitting newbie, I’ve only done a few dishcloths BUT I want to make this really cute and easy shrug for myself. After reviewing the pattern several times before I begin, there is just one part I don’t understand. Could someone please help me? Here is the link to the pattern (it’s a pdf and it’s the very first pattern “ribbed shrug”)…

I’ve cut and pasted a portion below, the part in red is what I don’t understand…

CO 134 sts. Do not join into a rnd. Work k1, p1 rib for 6 rows.
[COLOR=Red]Dec row: (RS) K1, *k3tog; rep from * to last st, k1—46 sts rem.[/COLOR]
Next row: (WS) *P1, k1; rep from *. Cont in rib as established
until piece measures 39" (99 cm) from beg, ending with a WS
row. Inc row: (RS) K1, *(k1f&b, k1) in same st (3 sts made from
1 st); rep from * to last st, k1—134 sts. Next row: (WS) *P1, k1;
rep from *. Cont in rib as established for 5 more rows. BO all sts in rib.

Ok, now if I do k1, then do from the * to the * [B]to last st[/B], k1, why would I have 46 sts remaining? I’m confused . Am I reading it wrong? Thanks!

Because you’ll be doing k3tog all the way across. That’s going to dec your stitches by 2/3.

Ok, so it’s saying that I’ll end up with 46 st after I’ve completed the row, not I’ll have 46 st remaining on my needle? Right? That’s what I thought BUT I think I’m trying to hard to make sure I know what I’m doing, :mrgreen:. I’m nervous about starting it, lol.

Just do it! It’s a lot easier to see it when you have the yarn and needles in your hands, than trying to figure it out in your head. The worst that can happen is you mess up. Then you just start over again.

just relax and do it :slight_smile:

this is a great pattern to stretch on, and if anything goes wonky, you can just frog a bit and fix it. i bet it’s going to be gorgeous! what kind of yarn are you using?

Thanks ladies!


I’m not sure about the yarn yet…I have a HUGE stash that I’m going to go through to see if I can get close to the Patons Katrina. I’m hoping I have something comparable. I’m making this for myself since DH and I fight over the AC in the house, lol! He LOVES it cold and a I LOVE it hot! Needless to say I usually let him have his way! SOOOOOOO, I’ll have this to be stylin’ in around the house, lol!