Shrug or poncho?

anyone got a shrug pattern?
ive just got some really nice black/white and sparkly wool/yarn that i want to make a shrug with or poncho whichever is easiest

A poncho might be easiest because generally there is no shaping done, but a shrug would be a great learning experience. Here are two links to help with picking out patterns…

Shrug Patterns

Poncho Patterns

There is a super easy, super quick shrug pattern:

Basically…measure how wide on your back you will want the shrug. Cast on the number of stitches required to be that wide.

Begin knitting at one wrist, end at the other (allow about 1/2" extra). Bind off. Seam the sleeves up to the underarm…single crochet around the opening and around the wrists.

Very simple, very easy, very quick…and you can use whatever stitch you like! (I made a lace one for my daughter).


I love my shrug - well until it shrank when washed :pout:

It was soo easy and the pattern is on my computer at home - I knit a rectangle to match my wrist to wrist measurement across my back - about 12-14" wide (I am almost 6’) and then on larger needles I knit a collar about 6" wide to attach to the opening. I did it with a Lana Grossa sparkly wool that was washable…til it shrank…it will now be frogged for a scarf…