Shrug for a baby boy...ok?

I was wondering if anyone things a shrug would be appropriate for a baby boy? I was thinking of making a sweater for a friend’s baby but it would be my first time doing one so I don’t want to make him my test subject. I thought this pattern (without the collar) would be cute and easy but am not sure if it is too “girly”. What do you all think? If not, I may make one for myself (or maybe I’ll make one for me anyway)!,2025,DIY_14141_3478784,00.html

I think it would be too girly. Also, I doubt that a baby would keep a shrug on, he’ll wiggle right out. There is a a sweater pattern in the free pattern section that looks pretty easy and is knit in one piece.


that’s what I was afraid of. Oh well. So much for the baby… at least I know I won’t wiggle out of it! And I am, after all, a girl so a shrug may be just what I need. :wink:

here is the first baby sweater i did and it was for my cousin and it turned out great!!! very easy to do. 5 hour sweater

I agree a shrug would be too girly. Go for the little sweater. :wink:

I agree that it would difficult to keep ON the baby, but I don’t think it’s too girly…I mean, does the baby really care or know the difference? :shock: He knows whether it’s soft and warm, but not really whether it’s something girls wear.

I’m lovin’ the thought of the 5 hour sweater! I need to find a baby to knit one for :wink: LOL…when I finish these gazillion projects that I already have lined up :roflhard: :rofling:

The baby wouldn’t care, but it screams girly to me. :lol: