**Shrieksssss** I think I may have to frog my entire sock!

:!!!: :grrr: So I started my secret sock pal project this weekend, I was using Kogiu PPM yarn and I had the guy at the store wide it into a center pull ball…

Got home, started to knit and it turns out he wound the ball wrong… EVERYTHING WAS TANGLED, it took me 2 hrs to cut portions off untangle, cut untangle and so forth…

I finally got to finish the heel flap and I noticed I made a huge mistake.

My final question is
"Should I frog the whole project since it’s already peiced togeter with mini balls of yarn due to LYS clerk :!!!:

Is it possible to untangle it from the other end so you can preserve the sock?

I tried now there are gaps etc, and I feel bad if my pal feels the little knots from linking one mini ball of yarn to another. :pout:

was it the first sock? i’d probably start over with new yarn :shrug:
and :!!!: at the clerk
i don’t think a sock with knots all over would be too comfy…good luck! :hug:

I would take the yarn, and the sock-in-progress back to the LYS, for a refund. If they’re a good yarn store, they should exchange it.


Ditto. Since they screwed up the yarn, they should exchange it for you. If they want to keep your business, they will.

Good luck!!

And you should give them the name of the person that wound the yarn!

They said they won’t refund anything because it was wound into a center pull ball, since I pretty much untangled it into 15 mini balls of yarn, and knitted up 1/2 of it, I guess they can’t tell if it was their mistake or not.

Good thing I have an xtra ball of yarn :grrr:

Well, they would have lost me as a customer, then.

Sounds like a good reason to just starting winding your own.

Number 1, you shouldn’t have cut the yarn but taken it back to the store immediately to show them what a mess their clerk made.

Two, you should still TAKE the whole thing back to the store. Talk to the owner/manager and tell him/her you just want to make him/her AWARE of the situation and perhaps they should train clerks to use the winder CORRECTLY. I wouldn’t demand a refund or exchange or anything. Emphasize that this visit is informational for them. MAYBE they will offer you a replacement or a credit or something as a good will gesture. If they deny any responsibility, are rude or say its all your fault, tell them in no uncertain terms that you will find a new lys or just shop on line. (Brick and mortar store owners hate it when you say you’re going to shop on line.)

Third, go to the to basic techniques videos (above) and under “More” scroll down and watch the vids on joining yarns so in the future you can avoid the knot thing. If the yarn is 100% wool, you could spit splice it together. If it’s superwash or not all wool you could use the russian join or the knitted in join. Both are simple and the yarn won’t be a total loss. Any of the joins would be more comfortable than all the knots.

As frustrating as this may be, you gotta think of it as a learning situation. Imagine, you’ll know how to join in new yarn in you sleep. Color work will be a snap.

I agree SHOW them what happened~ and if they don’t seem interested DON"T go back to the store again…

also: maybe you could consider buying a ball winder… I CERTAINLY HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT since my LYS refused to wind mine that I bought online ( and offered to pay for) and begrudgingly wound the yarn I bought at their store~!