Showing Increases

I have a lot of little nieces and great-nieces, and as soon as one mom gets a little dress, the other moms want one too. I’m happy to oblige. This is for little Rachel in Indianapolis. She’s my great niece, so I’m great-aunt-Lori to her (G.A.L.) for short. We have all our great nephews and nieces call us GAL and GUS (Great Uncle Stan)

My main purpose in posting was my happiness with these increases that look pretty nice. That’s the close-up in the 2nd photo. I think it’s a nice way to do it.

What method did you use?

sorry I forgot to include this information

It’s really pretty!

Nicely done, Gramma! Very beautiful little dress, too!!!:thumbsup:

Very cute dress and I like the way the increases look :happydance: that’s great that they want you to knit for them :woot:

Cute little dress, and you are right, those are nice increases to know about. Thanks for sharing both.