Show us your stash!

Let’s show everyone out collection of knitting needs and supplies! I started a blog of my own, but this is a nifty thread idea (thanks Hilde for your encouragement!) I will repost my really rough camera phone pic of what is sitting on a section of my couch right now… :shock:
More to come, don’t be shy… line up your needles, count your stitch markers, show and tell, let us covet each others stuff!!! :cheering:

Good lord. I’d have to clear every hidey-hole in the house, drag crates out of closets, off shelves, off the dryer. And I don’t even have a camera. Maybe some other time. :frowning:

Am I the only knitter who doesn’t have, nor particularly want a stash? I like to have just the yarn for the project(s) I am working on. My needles aren’t exciting either… a Boye Interchangble and a few randoms I got in the begining.

I’m sure not Nuno. I, for one, am the type that falls head over heals for the next project I see… I have no restraint :oops:

My stash is all neatly tucked away in its proper place; as is my library; accessories & needles. Sorry, kiddo…but there it stays. I intend to inventory soon; I’ll let you know what I have. And it remains to be seen how soon my ‘soon’ will be…lol

Heck, don’t need to be messy stashes, like mine is at the moment. I also like scrapbooking and I love to read articles that show how crafters have organized their workspaces.
Hey, this could give me inspiration and become a good knitter! :lol:

This is just what I have out. I wasn’t about to dig through the closets! Yes, these are all sitting out in my living room. There’s no mistaking that a knitter lives here.

This is a project on needles. It’s my in-between-projects project.

The white is wool/mohair for Angelina. The purple is Angora that I couldn’t pass up.

Yarn, yarn, yarn…

More stuff…

OK - On the top, you will see my patterns binder, a basket of fabric paint that was given to me by a coworker to reduce the slippage factor of my FT clogs, and my orphaned socks…all three of them.

The small drawer above my stash drawer contains my needles.

Very tidy ladies! :thumbsup:
Say KK, where’d you get your patterns binder? I am seeking an easy carry along type book for patterns… while at the same time trying to come up with a system for at home :??

Office Max…its a hard plastic binder with a cover that you can slip a page into. SO - I made a “mosaic” effect with a bunch of yarn pics and used WordArt to make and a Ropey font to put the word “Knit” on the front. I also bought some page-protector dividers and some non-glare page protectors (Avery brand), so each section also has a decorative page slipped in. I have too much time on my hands. :shifty:

No ya don’t! I swear it looked like a journal/book I thought I saw online… so here I am surfin to find out where I saw it will waiting to see if you reply :doh:
Today hubby went to the lakes to work, and “work” considering he had a jet ski on a trailer connected to his truck (dam boss’ kid - hey he needs fun time too) soooo, I am going to spend time wallowing in my stash and start developing an organized room. Starting with putting my stacks of printed patterns into a book like Kelly!

OOOoooo…I like the idea of putting it in a dresser or drawers. Mine is in the closet right now. That looks so much more tidy!

And here’s the blog entry that tells you what everything is… blog entry

alissa…that is awesome! So organized.

I think I may be getting inspired to go upstairs and organize my ever growing stash!

Thanks! My fiance told me that if he saw yarn on the floor that wasn’t involved in a current project (e.g. I set my project down to use the bathroom…) that he would take my “yarn closet” to the garage and store his tools in it. Since I know he’s not bluffing, any time something new gets brought home or arrives in the mail (there’s been some stuff added since those pics were taken!) it immediately goes into the wardrobe for safe keeping.

WOW! :shock: Everyone is sooo organized! I’m impressed and motivated. I have mine in bags in a corner.

That cabinet reminds me about how I want to do my little room…
I wanna do a wall or unit of cubbies to put yarn into like at a store. I need to make use of the vertical space such as it is.
Attached is a pic from 3 yrs ago when dh put in a crafting space for me in the 2nd bedroom. Back when it was empty… sigh, we now have no place for company and it’s currently a mess! But still!
I wanna do some easy to clean shelving elsewhere in the room for other stuff and a different computer desk setup (my desk is on the opposite side from this picture’s view) so that I can perhaps put a futon or comfy chair for relaxing… :XX:

Isn’t it interesting how just the organized ones are taking pics? :thinking:
I know its not to make the rest of us look bad, but it sure makes me jealous! :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: Good point! And I am still sitting here reading instead of going upstairs to do my organization!

Blinky…that is an awesome craft room! I think a fabulous comfy chair would be perfect in there. You need to organize it though so you can stalk KH and knit at the same time! :slight_smile: