Show us pictures of what you're knitting!

I would just LOVE to see what folks are up to!
Please please please, share some pics!

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Hi Amy

I recently made this pair of Fuzzy Feet from - They are SO warm and comfy.


I just put a link to that pattern on the pattern page last night!

Yours look great!

Did you have a hard time felting them to the right size? I’ve never tried felting, because I’m always afraid things will end up doll-sized or something! But those look so nice, I might try it one of these days!


No problem with the right size. Lucky me eh? I felted for about 8 mins in my Whirlpool extra large capacity washer. I too was a little worried but I figured what the heck, you learn from your mistakes.


I’m making this for my boyfriend’s 2nd cousin. It’s from the pattern page.

LOl, I forgot to mention it’s a baby poncho.



Hi Amy,

My WIP is on my blog:

Thanks for asking!



Nice blog site! That sweater looks like a great pattern. I like the color you’re doing.


check it out. i just sorta designed a scarf for my honey. i found a pattern in a book, then modified it a bit and added a cable (just one, nothing too fancy). i will definitely make more of these. next time i will jot down the directions and share!

meantime, scoot on over to my blog to see:



A test swatch for my rogue hoodie…

Nice, Kiri! That could be (will be?) a scarf…just like MZ’s!

Nice scarf, MZ!


Well, I finally finished my very first knitting project! Well, I have another one on the go, but I was able to make this: (I was going to upload the pictures but they are a little large so I just linked them instead)

My very first scarf

So you’re prolly wondering whats up that itty bitty piece of knitting with the horrible fringe on the end haha Well, it’s for this little guy:

My little snowman

Yes, I’m 23 and my snowman looks like 10 year old made it :wink: but I think he’s cute! And I finally knitted something without having to unravel it! So yay me! :smiley:


Cute is an understatement! He’s adorable! Great job; you should be proud. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Jill, that’s adorable! I love your snowman!
Hooray for you! Congratulations on your first project! Way to go!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for sharing those pictures!

aww thanks Amy and Rick :smiley: I’m also working on making a catbed but it’s sort of gone off on its own haha so hopefully eventually I’ll be able to post pictures of that!

Oh, Jill! That is adorable!! I am brand new too and can only hope I will be there one day!!

I’m on my second month of knitting, and I keep asking myself why I hadn’t tried this years ago! So far I’ve finished a cell phone tote, a dishcloth (which helped me learn even tension), and yesterday I finished a tassled hat for my 2-year-old niece.

Here is where I got the free pattern:

Oddly enough, I learned tassle-making for cross-stitched ornaments. I have a lot of leftover yarn so I may use the rest to make a little scarf to go with the hat. :slight_smile: I’m on day #2 on making a second hat in purples for my niece’s sister.


CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing, Debi! :slight_smile: It suits your niece perfectly! How adorable. :slight_smile:


HI all, I am new here and new to knitting. I just finished my very first sock, here it is

I am very proud of it. Had some problems along the way but I learned from them. Now I just have to make another, LOL.

Amy in Alaska