Show off your FO's in Malabrigo Chunky

Ok, I admit it…I’m very impatient:lol:

I’ve just ordered some Malabrigo chunky but it has to come from O/S and won’t be here for a week or so. So, in the mean time, I’d love to see some FO using this, so I can get an idea of how it knits up.

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Here’s a scrunchable scarf that I made using Malabrigo chunky. I REALLY love the Chunky…I like it better than the worsted weight. It is SO squishy and soft!!!

Here’s a link to my original post with an FO pic.

Scrunchable Scarf in Mmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo

IrishKnitter…that scarf looks great:cheering:

I can’t wait until I get my wool. I so want to touch it and discover what all the fuss is about:roflhard: