Show me your stripes! :)

Hello Everyone! Boy it feels like I haven’t been here in forever! Life got in the way for a while, now things are back to mostly normal. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!! (Or if you’re in the other hemisphere, your winter.) :slight_smile:

So, here’s my quandary. I have started on a couple of Christmas gifts - knit beanies, in each recipient’s favorite sports team’s colors. Each beanie is being knit with two colors only, and I’m not skilled enough yet for intarsia/fair isle, so they’ll both be striped. However, I’ve realized that with the colors I’m using - one is burgundy and blue, the other black and orange - that basic stripes may be a bit “busy” with these particular color variations. I’ve been playing around with scrap yarn trying to come up with a stripe pattern that’s not too “stripey” (if that makes any sense) but I haven’t found anything I’m really satisfied with yet.

I’ve tried searching Ravelry for hats with stripe patterns, and also a general Google search, but I’m still not finding anything that really catches my eye.

Does anyone have any photos or patterns they could share of an interesting or unique stripe pattern - OR I’m open to any variation that uses two colors of yarn that’s not intarsia - to help give me some creative inspiration? Both of these hats are for men, so they’d need to lean toward the “masculine” or plain side of things, rather than cutesy or feminine. They’re just plain beanies; ribbed at the bottom and stockinette the rest of the way up, although so far I’m still working on ribbing so I am open to other stitch patterns for the body of the hat.

Also, I’m knitting them flat because, for the life of me, I cannot master DPNs. :neutral_face:

Thank you!!

Hmmm… basically stripes are stripes. I’m not sure how you can make them less stripey, but here’s a few ideas. Also…DPN? Why not just knit in the round using magic loop? That’s the only way I knit hats. BTW the links are only to show you the idea. If you find a plain hat you can do anything you want to it. I don’t knit them flat so I’d have to dig one up. :wink:

  1. Make the stripes varying widths. Like 3 rows of red, 1 blue, 2 red, 5 blue, etc. Whatever looks good to you.

  2. Knit one color, then do a pixelated stripe or checkerboard of the two colors then the other color

  3. Make the alternate color just a “hatband” type thing so the hat is primarily one color with one stripe.

  4. Vary even narrow and wide stripes.


Thank you Jan!! This is exactly what I was looking for - some different ideas for inspiration. I really like Golden Pear and Corbin! Either of those would work very well with my colors. May give Golden Pear a try with the scrap yarn as I’ve never knit with two different colors on the same row before…but I do understand how to carry yarn so maybe now is a good time to learn!

Magic Loop will happen in the future! Right now, though, I don’t own the nice circs that will do magic loop, just cheap old Boyes with nylon cords. I was given a gift certificate to a yarn shop for my birthday, though, and magic loop-able circs are what I may use it for.

Thanks again for the links, they were very helpful!

Here are pix of a couple I have knit.

I learned in the round by using magic loop. Many you tube videos on that.

Good luck and have fun!

I’ve done the one like Golden Pear several times, but didn’t use a pattern. Here’s a couple of them in this picture. It’s as simple as alternating colors on each stitch. You won’t need to do anything fancy across the back. Don’t pull the stitches too tight. Sometimes fair isle can pull in a little and slightly distort the hat.

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After the last fall semester I made my older son the hat he requested. It was knit in the round with two main colors. When I changed colors I left the yarn hanging where it was and picked up the other color. It has floats going from stripe to stripe. All of the stripes are of different widths because it is striped to the digits of pi. There were only three stripes that we’re not in the main colors to represent the decimal point, a zero, and the … at the end.

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Jan, your hats are always a treat to see. Each one is lovely. I imagine all these very stylish babies modeling them, all over southern California!
Metylda, clever use of pi. That’s a great looking hat.

Lovely hats! So creative with no pattern.

So cute Metylda! Really unique fun hat!!