Show me your space!

inspired from amy’s pics of how and where she stores her yarn in the ‘leftover yarn’ thread, i thought we could share our spaces.

post a pic, or tell about it, of where you create and store the supplies for your creations. show me your space!

(i’ll post mine when sleeping mother is not sleeping in my office. she broke her hip and opposing foot and is staying with us for a bit. arg! what a week!)

All of my knitting stuff is still in the bag! ROFL!!! They’re on the floor beside my computer desk. I’ll try to get a good pic and post it in a bit :lol: :oops: :stuck_out_tongue:

My yarn is on the floor, couch, chair, BAGS, and huge bag hidden in the closet where my DH won’t see it. Also my Daughter bought me a darling knitting basket that is full… not a bad stash for a beginner.

I will try to post pictures if i can figure out how to do it… I tried once without success.

amigarabita, sorry to read about your Mom. I hope she heals quickly.

My knitting stuff is in a few places. Most of the time I knit while watching (listening to) the TV, so I have a giagantic basket of current YIP, one needle organizer with the most commen needles I use, and favorite yarns by my chair in the living room. In the craft room/recording studio/spare bedroom I have 3 25-gallon totes full of yarn, sorted by weight., and then “spare” needles that I only use once in a while (for instance the size 35s) in aplastic shoebox in the tote with the coresponding size yarn. I also always have a project with me, usually a scarf, that way if I am waiting in line at the PO or going to the Dr or whatever I have something to do (i’m one of those women that have a purse big enough to fit a spare pair of clothes… which I also always have with me). FINALLY, I have some wool-ease and 1 set of needles by the computer to try out new things online.

We are digital camera-challenged in our household, so i can’t post a pic, but everything is organized chaos: I can put my hands instantly on whatever I want but no one else can find anything!

I live in a tiny studio apartment, am an avid reader, do historical costuming, and am a composer complete with small digital music studio, so my knitting is sort of stashed about amidst stacks of books, totes of costuming, and piles of manuscript paper. I have bags and piles of yarn about, projects left in strange places, needles fighting for room with pens on my desk, and general sewing/knitting accessories dotting everything (I had to move a small, neat pile of point holders in order to type this in and my synthesiser has a box of pins, music software, a knitting pattern book, and loose printed patterns on it). My current favorite place to store projects is at my feet at my desk where I knit (no room for a couch or comfy chair, so I have a comfy desk chair) where I’ve got two scarves, one pill box hat on DPNs, one half made sock mate, a birthday hat for the SO, and the beginings of a cardigan. My current favorite yarn pile is a rather (unintentionally) decorative assortment of yarn cones by the front door.

I’m not sending a picture. My house is a cluttered happy hidy hole!

Fun thread! I love hearing about everyone’s spaces.

When I snapped those pictures on the other thread (here), it was lucky timing, because I’d just had one of those rare cleaning and reorganizing sprees. I meant to get a shot of my desk, too, but it didn’t stay clean long enough! LOL.

My husband jokes that my knitting bag is like a bomb. Whenever I bring it into his office, it explodes yarn all over his couch. He makes a bomb-blowing-up noise, whenever he sees me coming into his office with the knitting bag. :lol:

I’ve actually had the same knitting bag for 22 years. It’s completely falling apart, of course! I’m determined to make myself a felted knit bag one of these days, but I keep putting it off for other projects that come up. Until I get to it, I’m walking around with this poor, ripped, falling apart bag! And I show it no mercy–it’s always cram-packed with yarn, books, and everything that usually goes in a purse. …Can’t wait to have a more sturdy knitting bag one of these days! With lots of pockets!! Maybe that will be my next project…


I am going to try and post a picture! Ha. It’s just the best picture ever I think…

well, it was after the Sheep & Wool fair in Rhinebeck last Oct and I kept all this laying out for a month or more just to enjoy looking at it. Now it’s stuffed away in lots of shopping bags next to my couch.
I love that big skein of fresh sheep white slubby thick yarn ummmmmmmm it’s like cream.

The problem is, I’m intimidated by some of the really beautiful yarn I’ve bought, working my way up to using it by doing lots of little projects first.

Ok, did the attachement thing but it didn’t go through.
I just knew it.

oh to be a web geek.

I’m so excited! My husband and I are still working on our library/living room, so there are at least 2 bookshelves left to build. He agreed to build one of them with space on several of the shelves for cubby holes to store my yarn! The bookshelves will be over 8’ tall, so there will still be plenty of room for books when we’re done.

I can’t wait to get it done and take pictures! I’m thinking about adding a barister type glass door on the front of those shelves to keep the yarn from getting diry, too.