Show Me YOUR Felted Bag!

I can’t wait to make a felted bag, and I keep calling it a Booga Bag just because I like the name…but am not crazy about the design. I want to have pockets and perhaps a flap like a messenger bag.

I’d love to see some pics of some made/invented for ideas.

I made a Sophie. It is a little bit smaller than I had expected, though I had never felted before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I love it. Here is a picture.

I made this from a kit I got at Jo-Ann for Christmas. It’s my first felting project. It’s just a rectangle with some decreasing on one end, whip-stitched up the sides with a buttonhole. I added a bead to be the button. I gave it to a friend for her birthday. It took a long time to felt because of my front-loading washing machine, but I like it. Sorry the picture is sideways, but you get the idea.

I’d like to have made the handles in I-cord instead, but it’s hard impossible to frog after one has felted.

P.S. I didn’t make the flower… it was a little pin that came with the kit

I use this one at Christmas. The pink one I don’t use…not sure what do with it. :lol: The handle is not twisted tight enough although it looks fine in the picture. I should see what I can do with it.

here are the parts before felting and the bag after. i added a pocket inside, and made a loop and button closure. thats my niece modeling it for me :mrgreen:

Here’s my felted bag!

Lovely items in this thread!

Jan , how did you attach the handles on your booga bag ? Is that needle felting?

I’ve made a couple of the Fiber Trends Maggies Totes and a small felted purse for my niece.

Check out this felted bag pattern…I think it is a really cool one. I haven’t actually made a felted bag yet but it might end up being a design like this.

I made this bag, I think I am going to refelt it, since it is wider than I like and maybe put in a lining , my daughter in law has requested this bag, instead of the booga that I was going to make for her bday, so I guess she will get a booga for Christmas,lol

So if you wash again it WILL shrink some more??? I thought I only needed to wash once to get the final size. I know I have to make it bigger due to shrikage.

My 7" x7" swatch shrank to 6 1/2" x 4 7/8". It shrank MUCH more in the length than the width.

I think if I wash it again it will shrink some more, I only put it thru one time on my washer, so it shrunk in height, but it got wider. Not sure how much it will shrink, on a second time.

For my booga, I bought extra yarn so that I can make it bigger to compensate for the shrinking. Now I just need to get started on it.LOL

This was my first FO ever and maybe my favorite. Since its big, it holds SOOOOO much. Its perfect for one pound skiens of yarn, or a beach bag.

OOps, sorry about the lizard, that wasnt suppose to be in there:oops:

It’s not actually a Booga. I found it in one of my magazines when I first started knitting. I attached them with clear thread.

Felting usually shrinks more height wise than width especially with stockinette. Since I can see the stitch definition I’d say it’ll definitely felt more.

This is my 7th “Lucy Bag,” a pattern from a company called Two Old Bags. This one is made with Plymouth’s Australia Wool.

That’s really cute, Sara–I’d not seen that one before!

Redhead, I LOVE the design on it. Now I’m trying to think what kind of design can I put on mine…Do you have any tips? I’d hate to go through all that and then not have it come out as well when felted.

Hi! I knitted the Sophie bag and it came out smaller than I expected as well, but it’s a cute little bag and holds all I really need to carry. I didn’t care for the look of the twisted strap (and wasn’t entirely sure how to do it), so, I just knitted a flat strap, and I’m pleased with that!

I also kind of improvised with a pattern and made this Christmas purse:

I have a third felted bagin the works, and hope to proudly show it off, soon!!