Show me blanket yarn!

Plans in the making for a supercozy, chunky white (OR blood crimson)double-seed stitch blanket, big enough for my gal friend to wrap up with a little extra room …this is for sofa lounging.

I am a knitnewie and I figure if I ask around someone can just TELL ME WHAT TO BUY as opposed to me becoming an expert on yarn from one site to the next learning em all. I could have knit the blanket by the time I complete the yarn research!

I need chunky, white, supercozy but not more than $200 start to finish yarn. While you’re at it, feel free to tell me if this is a disaster in the making :slight_smile: It’s my first blanket…so please help the babe-knitter.

Cashmerino seemed a thought. Possibly cotton…I really don’t know. Whatever it is needs to feel really good on the skin and keep warm.

Keep in mind you can also hold two strands of worsted yarn together to make a bulkier yarn if you can’t find an actual chunky yarn you like.

I’ve heard Cashmerino can get pilly…but I’ve not had enough experience myself with it, especially the aran weight to know if it does or not. :thinking:

I’m guessing you want something machine washable, right?

Cashmerino Chunky costs $15 for 80 yards. Not a prudent choice for a blanket, I think.

I like Plymouth Encore Chunky for this kind of thing–it’s a blend, nice and soft, and easy care, and it’s $5 for 180 yards.

I don’t know how much you’ll need for your blanket. Have you figured that out?

Yes, it must be machine washable and withstanding.

No, I haven’t figured out how much yarn I will need BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RECOMMENDATION OF FABRIC. What is the best way to purchase it?

Lastly, I would appreciate your wisdom on this goal: 2 children’s blankets (not quite baby, not quite adult), 2 chunky adult blankets, 3 easy shawls, and a baby blanket all by Christmas, knitting 3 hours a day. Is this possible? I have not been knitting long enough to know if this is plausible.


Ahem. Now what I say may not be popular here - but GIRL! Take time for yourself too! I am thinking you may get a little burned out on the blankies!!! Cut your list in half and if you get more done, than yay you! But I speak from experience - you can get so fried always working on projects for others - do something fun for yourself - even if its a scarf and hat!

My yarn recommendation, especially for the younger ones, is Caron Simply Soft doubled. I just picked up some squishy soft pink to do a baby blanket - will knit it doubled up.

What about Red Heart Light and Lofty? I picked some of that up for a lapghan, and it appears to be along the line of what you’re looking for (it says “super bulky” on the wrapper). Has some really pretty colors, too. :thinking:

Since you’re buying in quantity, Discount Yarn Sale probably is your best bet unless you find it on sale somewhere.

I’d go to and look a blankets to get a feel for yardage requirements.

As for what you can accomplish? I know I’d pull my hair out at so many blankets, just out of tedium, but we each have our own limits and abilities. Knit what you can and promise the rest.

Last question: Do people generally use straight needles for large blankets? I have not learned to knit in the round but it looks straight forward enough if I will need to learn that or if it’s faster.


Thanks ladies. :heart:

Actually, can anybody offer me an ETA on a blanket? I know I’m being anxious :oops: , I’m just really curious about how long it should/could take me!! I think with it being chunky, that will cut down on some of the time at any rate… not that I’m looking for a quick and easy job. I simply prefer chunky blankets.

I would guess that for large blankets you would use circular needles. So far, I’ve just done baby size blankets, and could do them on straights, but even then the stitches can get crowded.

I’m not that experienced, so I’m just going by what I would use. One thing I have heard, though, is that in using circulars, when the blanket gets fairly long it will be heavy so you have to make sure it’s supported.

Maybe someone else can tell me if that info is correct or not. :thinking:

I would say it’s not possible to do that many blankets, but that’s just me.

You can do blankets on straight needles, but you will probably enjoy doing them more on circular needles. You don’t actually knit in the round with them for a flat project - you are still knitting flat. Circs just allow the weight of your project to rest in your lap and make it easier for you. They also allow you to work in a chair or couch with arm rests - straight needles tend to stick out. Circs also allow you to have more stitches on the needles at once - they are so crammed on.

I never timed myself on the first two baby blankets I did when I was first learning to knit. I’m working on a large adult afghan right now - it’ll end up 12 blocks total and right now it takes me 2 full evenings to knit a square = 24 days. I’m not a fast knitter, but it is a simple pattern (the retro throw in my sig file). Then all the blocks have to be attached and a border knit around the whole thing = ? days. I figure it will be done in a month.

Does that help a little?

Thanks miccisue and carollovesyarn!

Yes Carol that helps me loads, gives me way more confidence towards the achievement of my goal, though I will take the advice to cut it in half. If I get more done, great, but I will relax my goal. Thank you!

Please tell me a little more about your pattern and how it goes linking it all together. I hadn’t thought of that and may consider it more while I’m waiting on my yarn to come in. I like to knit on the go, so if I can knit squares and knit them together, that would be awesome. Pray-tell, what are you doing exactly? And since I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, maybe I’ll follow suit and we could knit-a-long. That would certainly help me.

Let me know.


I’m doing the Retro Throw, a free pattern from KnitPicks - there is a link to download it on this page:

I liked the portability of it as well as the funky look. You just choose color and knit various stripe widths on the fly (or you could just do solids or any other pattern really). I’m using Lion Brand Homespun because I had some, found more on sale and my blanket is for charity. My colors are deep blue, dark purple, dark gray and light gray - a little more sedate than the one at KP.

I think eventually I might make one for me - I like it so far. I haven’t started putting it together yet. I have 3 squares finished and working on my 4th. I’ll link them using the directions, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do the same border.

Here’s a picture I took to show how I use Denise’s when the circumference gets too small.

:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

Looks a little beyond me (whew). … all those circular needles goin on. I’d better keep it simple. I might like to knit stokinette and reverse stockinette or stockinette and double seed stitch squares. Then bind them all together alternately. I just need to find out if that would roll or not. Seems like it wouldn’t . I saw a baby blanket like that. Anyway, I’m going to buy yarn this weekend, so I’ll have more to say about how it’s going on Monday.

Hope you stay tuned. I would love the advice on questions I AM SURE TO HAVE once I get started this weekend.

Well, as convoluted as the circs look, you just work one row on one side at a time and then switch the tips to the next side, work that row and so forth. That’s one of the plusses of Denises.

Your squares won’t roll once they are attached to one another and you knit a border on it. See how mine is rolling? It won’t once they’re all attached and bordered.

There are tons of things you can do. Do you have a knit stitch book? You can knit just about any pattern or stitch in a square and then just knit them together. Some people use dishcloth patterns.

What kind of yarn are you getting?

I decided on a wool blend bcuz of the elasticity, feel and warmth. Being a new knitter, it seemed wise to do something that would hide discrepancies well :wink:

LYS recommend Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I am going Saturday to check it out. I may order there or online depending on prices; LYS gives discount for bulk buy. Meantine, I have to find out how much yardage to buy. Where do I look for that info? Everything I have in possession and that I’ve seen on the web is specific to a pattern or project, so I don’t know how to gauge what I will need for a twin size blanket. I THOUGHT I JUST WANTED TO KNIT. YIKES, things are getting complex. I JUST WANT TO START ALREADY! so many odds and ends :blush: :heart:


Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is EXPENSIVE, discount or not!

To determine yardage, you’d have to find a blanket pattern that calls for a yarn in a similar gauge as the yarn you are considering. Convoluted? Yes, but not impossible. Even if it’s not your pattern, it will give you a general idea how much yarn you will need.

I’d also recommend getting a yarn that can be machine washed. I’m not so sure that DB cashmerino is. There are wool blends (wool-cotton, wool-acrylic) or you could try to find a superwash wool (but I believe most SW wools are finer gauge).

I’ve narrowed it down to SuperChunky Cashmerino which IS machine washable :heart: :thumbsup: Yippee, but some say it pills… which I don’t see as a huge deal. I want to ask the LYS how durable it is. If I’m gonna pay for it, I’d like it to last a good while as a blanket.

LYS says it’s only yarn works well for what I specified. Of course, LYS’s knowledge could be limited, but I’d like to be able to buy, then buy more locally so I don’t have to stress out so much about yardage I can’t really gauge.

I actually found the SuperChunky at 6.40 a skein online, but I want to see if the LYS can offer comparable deal and I definitely need to go touch it and work with a ball before I purchase online and have this yarn show up at my door. YIKES :o)

I’ve decided to knit 8x8 squares and just play it by ear, ya know, as it rolls out. I found some info that says I could make 35 8x8 squares to form a twin-size blanket. SOLD! Good to have a plan, finally!

Well ladies, I’ll know by Monday if I’m squared away and finally KNITTING the darn thing, oh yeah, that’s what this all started out about. Who knew! Please let me know any thoughts, I’ll check back before I head out to LYS. Thanks so much for all your HELP!!! :wink: