Shout Out to Frisky_Kittie

Last night for the first time EVER I actually met a KH’er in REAL LIFE.

You can imagine all the apprehension and silly nervousness that comes with meeting a complete stranger face-to-face after only exchanging lines and lines of text (and laughs and patterns and…) for weeks. I laugh at myself even now thinking how I beamed and grinned at no less than 3 people who came in to the store fitting FK’s description. “Is that her??! I wonder if there’s knitting in that bag??!” “How do I make myself look like a knitter who’s waiting to meet another knitter??” - :doh: Too silly. :smiley:

What a TREAT!! We met at a bookstore near both of us (I’m visiting my sister for a few days) with our knitting in tow.

I can hardly express how ultra cool it is to meet someone new and then sit for hours (literally) talking about yarn, knitting, work, yarn, knitting, books, knitting, life…you get the drift.

Just want to say publicly [size=6]THANKS FK !! [/size]for being brave enough to reach out to a fellow knitter and for suggesting something that turned out to be FUN. :cheering: One of the highlights for me was seeing your knitting talents up close… :inlove: You Go Girl! :inlove: Looking forward to our Knit Night II whenever we’re able.

It’s totally uplifting to know that through our “hobby” we can connect to perfectly normal :D, unscary, kind, interesting, talented people out there and that you can meet them for the first time and chat away like old friends.

Has anyone else met a KH’er and bonded over knitting? I’d love to hear about it.

Aww, thanks! :slight_smile: :heart: :heart:

I’m normally a very very shy person. I had to stop myself all day from making a silly excuse to not come, and I’m so glad I did. I had such fun. :slight_smile:

Did you notice my hands shaking while I was showing Starsky and the scarf? I was so nervous and excited. :rofling: :rofling: Couldn’t keep my hands steady.

Your booga bag is coming along so nicely. I’ve never done intarsia/stranded knitting so it was quite impressive to me to watch you manage it so easily! :shock:

I know quite a few people on here have met in real life. Were you guys nervous the first time too?

hugs to Jamadian I can’t wait until next time! :happydance: :XX: :happydance:

Sounds like you two had a blissful knitting time :slight_smile: :XX:

The only online friend I ever met was on May '05. We met on a forum called Ponju, were friends for 3 years, and we’d call each other on the phone from time to time. One May '05 he came to visit me and yes, I was a nervous wreck :lol:

Four months later we started dating :oops: :heart: :blush:

I’m so glad you guys met!!! Being an Illinois gal, I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few wonderful KHers (and of course, :heart: my Saint Angelia :heart: , who is my cat’s new Mommy). It’s so wonderful. It’s amazing when you actually meet them because after writing so much on here, it’s like you’ve known each other for ages and talking comes very naturally!

So happy you guys met and here’s to many more knit togethers!! :cheering:

Too cool - I’m glad you both got to meet!!! :happydance: