Shoulder Shaping

Knitting the Gathered Pullover from winter Interweave 2007.

I have 12 sts on my needles and then next instructions are to BO 4 sts every RS row 3 times.

However, I want to have live sts to graft (or 3 needle BO) with the back sts. How do I do this? Obviously I would also need to tweak the pattern for the back to have live sts.


You would do short rows. On the row before the BO, stop 4 sts from the end, turn and knit the RS row. The next row, stop 8 sts from the end (4 sts from where you quit before), turn and do the RS row. Since you only have 12 sts, stop right there and all the sts that should be bound off are now on your needle and ready to finish.

Thanks Sue! I was pretty sure short rows were going to be the solution, but I am always second-guessing myself and needed to hear it from an expert!


Hi again sue!

Looking at the instructions for the back and shoulders:

K14, place 46 on holder (done)

Purl 1 row (done)

BO 4 sts, knit to last 3 sts, SSK, k1.
Purl a row
Repeat last 2 rows once more - 4 sts remain. BO all sts.

Since my fronts will have 12 live sts, I will need 12 live sts in the back right? eek now its getting confusing!


Okay that last purl row, back up 4 sts and turn. Knit to last 3, ssk, k1. Purl to 8 sts from end or 4 sts from the previous turn. Turn and knit to last 3, ssk, k1.