Shoulder shaping

Think I might have made a mistake with the shoulder shaping of the sweater I’m making.

The pattern says:
Bind off 9 sts at beg of next row and rem 8 sts at beg of foll alt row.

This has left me with a kind of ‘step’ along the shoulder seam (see picture). Is this right?? Or am I meant to pick up the the 8 bound off sts as part of the neckline??

Neckband instructions are:

Join right shoulder seam. With RS facing, pick up and knit 19 sts down left front neck, k across 10 sts at centre front, pick up and knit 19 sts down right front neck the knit across 26 sts at centre back.

I’m confused as when I count the number of stitches I can see to pick up it seems more like 11 than 19!!

Grateful as ever for any guidance - please also excuse the dodgy intarsia - this is only the 3rd thing I’ve ever knitted but I like a challenge!!


PS also ignore the yellow yarn - I put in a lifeline to avoid frogging the star!!

What you did is a ‘step decrease’ and it looks exactly like it’s supposed to.

From looking at the picture, it looks like you should have no problem picking up the 19 stitches. Look at the stitches along the edge rather than the rows. Eyeball halfway and make sure that you’re picking up your 10th stitch there.

It looks great! Don’t apologize for your intarsia. So many people are afraid to even try it. :wink:

Wow Ingrid you are fast!! And very helpful! Am so pleased have not made a mistake!

I was a bit puzzled about what will happen when i come to sew the shoulder seams though - then I have just looked at the back and hey presto - it seems I did the matching thing on the back!! (took me so long to get this far I have forgotten what I did on the back!!)

This illustrates perfectly why I seem to have fallen in love with knitting - it is so cool to see things coming together!

thanks again!