Shoulder shaping instructions?


i am not a advanced knitter, and am attempting to knit a more advanced sweater, and now i am confused. The instruction for shaping the shoulder is cleared enough,

row 1 and 2: work to 5 stitches before end of row, turn, yo, work to end of row.

row 3 and 4:work to 5 sts before last turn, turn, yo, work to end of row.

My question is what do i do next. Do I cast off, or just leave the stitches on a holder?

thank you for helping me out.


Without knowing what comes next, it’s hard to say what you do next. What is the pattern, and is there a link to it or a picture?

Hi sue,

OOPs, sorry i miss the rest of the instructions.

row 5 and 6: work to 4 sts before last turn, turn, yo, work to end of row.

Work acrosss entire shoulder, working each yo as ssk with st following it, bind off shoulder stitches.

So on row 7 i work across entire shoulder?


Yes, just as the directions state. Follow them stitch by stitch and row by row, then BO after working all the sts on row 7.