Shoulder shaping help


Hopefully someone has figured this one out, but I think either I am going mad, or there is something missing in this pattern.

The instructions are to cast off 6 on each row over the next 2 rows leaving 67 stitches. Then cast off 6 knit to last 8, turn and leave remaining stitches on holder. Do they mean the 8 or the 53? After that it says cast off 3 at the start of the next row, then cast off the remaining 5. So I am just casting off the8 left on my needle? The two sholders are not the same! Please could someone explain this one to me. Thank you.

Assuming the smallest size with the numbers you were listing, going with those numbers :slight_smile:
So cast off 6 at beginning of each row for two rows. Then, ,
Cast off 6sts, K until there are 8sts on right needle (So you had one on there after casting off the six, and then knit seven more. Should be 8 on the right needle now, everything else is on your left needle). Remaining stitches on your left needle can get moved to a stitch holder. Turn, cast off 3, knit to end, turn, cast off last five. Of the 53 stitches on the stitch holder, you want to put the last 14 stitches that are at the left end back on your needles, leaving the middle 39 on a stitch holder still. Rejoin yarn right there between the 14 now on your needle and the 39 on the holder. Knit the 14 stitches to the end. Turn, cast off first 6, knit remaining on needles. Turn, cast off 3, knit 5 to end. Turn, cast off last five.
The 39 on your stitch holder should still be there, and you will deal with them later when you do the neckline/collar. Most patterns want you to rejoin your yarn for the left side of the back right there in the middle. That WILL give you one extra row on that side. Usually on the front that is done as well so it actually all comes out even for total number of rows and won’t look wonky.

Thanks for the speedy reply! I will give that a try and let you know. I am worried that the two shoulders are still not going to be even, not the number of rows, but the number of stiches, but I will work through your directions a try, and let you know.

Thanks for your suggestions themom. Unfortunately that didn’t work either as it left the one shoulder longers than the other. What I ended up doing was casting off 6 on 2 rows, 67 stitches, then on the next 2 rows as well, 53 stitches, knitting the last row to the last 8 stitches, turn cast off 3, knit to end, turn cast off last 5. Putt 39 stitches on holder leaving 8 stiches. Rejoin wool and cast off 3, knit to end, turn and cast off 5. It is a slightly odd shape, but at least there are the same number of stitches either side. Thanks. :blush:

Sometimes if you are just too confused winging it is what works :slight_smile: Once you pick up the stitches for that area of the collar a lot of little weird shape edge issues will smooth out. Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

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