Shoulder Seams?

Hi all,
Need advice for joining shoulder seams that don’t have the same number of stitches and the edges are already bound off. The vest was knit in the round to the armholes and then broke off for the left and right fronts with the back left on the circular needles and completed. The fronts were picked up individually and completed. The only thing left to do is join the vest at the shoulders. What’s the best way to join them? For reference, I used the Lion Brand Divine Weekend Vest using Chenille T & Q. :thinking:

How many more stitches/or inches more does the longer size have? Might effect how you would do it.

Hi Kemp,
The right & left front shoulders have 20 cast-off stitches that attach to the right/left sides of the back for the shoulder seams. The back has 40 cast-off stitches. I guess you would be right to think that I am too lazy/stressed to go back and rip out the cast-off edges so I could do the three needle cast-off on live stitches to get a really nice seam. This vest is a gift that needs to be mailed out tomorrow morning and I was hoping someone might be able to suggest an easier way to get a nice seam.
I have never used a Lion Brand pattern or yarn before this project. A friend gave me the pattern and it looked fast and easy to do…and the person I knitted it for loves chenille. I wasn’t very happy with the chenille and hope that it will look better after I block it. I have always used natural fibers and those fibers seem to have a natural give to them. I had a spot of bother keep my gauge consistent.
If you have any ideas for the shoulder seams, I would be interested in hearing it/them. Thanks. :XX:

You could try a mattress type stitch, picking up a stitch on each side rather than a bar. I honestly think, though, that it would actually be easier in the long run to take out the bind off and do the three-needle. You KNOW that that would look perfect.